John Carpenter’s Elvis, 1979.

My first portable record player, Love Me Tender 45, all my memories as a two- year-old, are beholding to me. Along with a memory of reaching up with my hand and taking warm buttered bread from mom. SO good!

Kurt Russell as Elvis

Kurt Russell did a swell job in this film, I guess that was the last film I chose to see of Elvis’s Biography. I remember seeing his Come Back Special in 1968. I was in love and cried. He was all dressed in black leather. I mailed in through correspondence and purchased the LP. Yet as I get older, I find it redundant how film makers make so many remakes of music characters, comic books etc.! I look for creativity and new things!

Yes, I am also happy in a world of those originals… I remember an interview I viewed with Kurt Russell. He shared how he knew Elvis as a young actor. Elvis loved Kurt’s dad Bing Russell. Elvis liked how Kurt’s dad wore his cowboy hats. Longhorns as an acting cowboy. The narrative has that taste of continuity, nepotism but also honest friendship.

My special memories as I get older seem to get extra special. I don’t want another to dapple with their interpretation of my own precious personal experiences. I guess that is it.

Like when some young people tell you about your favorite Film Noir. Like it is new, and no one else ever saw it before. Most of us have been viewing these films since conception.

So, I usually don’t listen. I am not inclined to read a book from a 5th generation kid’s imagination of how things were when I lived through it personally. That is my old person thing. The more books the better but really not my thing.

And as for the guy who seemed kind of touchy about his review of the new Elvis film when I said,

“Oh no not another Elvis Film?”

I was not criticizing him, his review, or his job… just the boredom I feel of being jaded. How could anyone do another film like this again. It all comes down to what inspires us.

I guess Elvis does not inspire me like he once did. Especially with the real interviews from people who really knew him I have viewed over the many years of my life since Elvis’s death.

“He liked his chicken fried.”

~ Cybill Shepherd

She is referring to how Elvis liked his young women high for sex. She was one of them.

His whole persona killed my need to love him. A disillusionment and a part of growing up. Yet his songs are still moving. A song is a song no matter who the real person is or has become after the recording.

So that is where I am coming from. Yet everyone is contrary. Elvis is one of those performers or rock God’s that is so very very extremely contrary, it is rather sad to me. I just don’t desire to see it again from another creative perspective. It is redundant to me.

Bing Russell