Summer Solstice greetings: Tresses and Timpani.

The Sumerian Inanna and Dumuzi, Ishtar and Tammuz of Mesopotamia, in Isis and Osiris/ Horus of Egypt, and in Dionysos and the Great Mother, Rhea, as well as his consort bride, Ariadne.

Aguilar, A. Marina. Alchemy of The Heart: The Sacred Marriage of Dionysos & Ariadne . Chiron Publications. Kindle Edition.

The summer solstice is here again. A pulling time for me. The male and female of my being or psyche need to be addressed. My throat gets tight, and sleep time filled with dreams. Lost tossing and turning. I love reading the many greetings on Facebook. I am pondering on my doppelgänger too. Humor, darkness, and accountability to the world and back to myself.

I think about the sacred marriage.

Inanna and Dumuzi

Dionysus and Ariadne.

Looking down the history

of marriage in general

is not such a nice story to share here

but the two above have the perfect archetype of marriage

which can be found in us all.

A Call to Inanna:

“I say, “Hail!” to Inanna, Great lady of Heaven!

They beat the holy drum and timpani before you.

The people of Sumer parade before you.

I say, “Hail!” to Inanna, Great Lady of Heaven!

They play the holy harp and timpani before you.

The people of Sumer parade before you.

I say, “hail!” to Inanna, First Daughter of the Moon!”

Wolkstein. Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth. Pg. 97. Harper & Row.


A call to Dionysus:

Our leader, from his thyrsus spray

A torchlight tosses high and higher,

A torchlight like a beacon-fire,

To waken all that faint and stray;

And sets them leaping as he sings,

His tresses rippling to the sky,

And deep beneath the Maenad cry

His proud voice rings:

“Come, O ye Bacchae, come!”

Euripides. The Bacchae of Euripides (p. 8). Kindle Edition.

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