Limited Edition On Colored Vinyl

Hudley's old fart punk 45 on yelow vinyl

Posh Boy

1. 1980 Posh Boy Records Limited Edition on Colored Vinyl AMOEBA ADOLESCENTS

Thirty three years ago seems to be the punk nostalgia bell curve these days. Posh Boy left this for me. I never was much of a record collector. Back in the day of running a fanzine the records collected around us, getting higher and higher as the years went by. So in our house, made of vinyl, it got kind of tight. So many records reviews to do. So many bands wanting their promotional push.  It is the same old story of kids, record labels and promoters.  No matter the band the story is always an interesting one. I really don’t know what to do with this 45 now? It sits in a dark closet awaiting some doom of destruction… who knows??



(Ron Emory and Mike Roche knew who they were )

"Posh and Jack both say: Please don't drink and drive!

“Posh and Jack both say: Please don’t drink and drive!


Limited Edition On Colored Vinyl

Knowing that True Sounds of Liberty or T.S.O.L. are in Europe having fun NOW…makes it all seem worth while. Jack Grisham has come out with a few books as well. These guys went through many changes through the years…some good and some bad. Regardless time shows no mercy.  Here is another Limited Edition on Colored Vinyl as the kids that they once were. Mr. Posh Boy gave them the push they needed and so this is a little bit of THEIR special PUNK ROCK history.


(This was gifted to my friends Earl & Roxy Smith )

3. Wild In The Streets Limited Edition on Colored Vinyl 

In the heat of the summer better call out a plumber turn on the steam pipe cool me off

Circle Jerks colored vinyl
Limited Edition on Colored Vinyl Spring 1980

Produced by Robbie Fields Mastered by Richard Simpson

It is the last day of August 2013 and the weather is unbearable humid and hot. Yet here in California I don’t need to remind you of this. It sucks…nor do I need to remind you of the lyrics to this 45 by the infamous California punk band the Circle Jerks. I say bad is good in their case.  This is the Circle Jerks first recording session in the Spring of 1980.  It is nice to have this 45. It is like having a treasure but really the treasure was living it years ago and its memory still shines in my heart… beat, beat beat…WILD!!!

“wild,wild,wild,wild, wild running, running wild Mrs. America, how’s your favorite son? do you care just what he’s done? no!”

(This was gifted to my friend Joe Doherty singer of Jughead’s Revenge )

4. Big Fish Stories

Jim Trash Flipside 20 Circle Jerks Hallowen Issue
Huntington Beach Scene Report by Michele Flipside

When The Crowd hit the California punk scene it was something special and all the punk chicks had their eyes on Jim Trash [Jim Decker]. He was not the usual Hollyweird kind of guy. He was a surfer punk; Young, tan and entertaining. The Infamous Gerber may have had her ways with him too; believe me he crossed my eyes a few times as well. It was a time before slamming when the pit was filled with the Pogo, dancing and having fun ruled the scene.


This is the record, vinyl, LP being pulled from the dark closet today.

It is a Flipside Record that is not included in the current Crowd Discography.

So for those of you stimulated by the phenomenon of the erecting punk rock nostalgia you might find this LP climatic and even orgasmic.

Big Fish Stories by The Crowd. Came on the scene around the early 90s I believe.

Jim Decker- vocals, Jay Decker-Bass, Dennis “Bug” Walsh – Drums,

James Kaa- Guitar. Produced by The Crowd with Steve Kempster at Headwaay Studios

(Gifted to Kenneth Kimmel 3-2-17)

Limited Edition On Colored Vinyl… well it is limited on normal vinyl.

5. A vinyl fanzine.


A vinyl fanzine…

At this time in punk rock history of the 1980s… life was moving fast. Projects at every corner. This kept us running before the wild-fire of punk rock, which was a passion that could not be controlled. So many individuals’ hands were in the multitude of projects that it was hard to know who to thank and whose’ hand you should slap. It felt like being under a wave. We were overwhelmed! SO many wants, needs and desires geometrically multiplied with each day.

A GASATANKA / Flipside production. 

Flipside vinyl fanzine Vol. 2 was a motif of an era.


Revolutionary Fetus…

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  1. As much as I understand that the artwork is bigger and more visible… I’ll admit I just don’t understand collecting vinyl. I like having a hard-copy of the music I love (on CD) because it’s MINE (and then I copy it to my computer to play on my Mp3 devices) but I just can’t figure out the appeal of vinyl. (Though it’s cool to see how many artists are catering to vinyl collectors and releasing cool things!)

    1. I am not a collector either. There was a time records came to me. I was overwhelmed with them. It was what I did and every band wanted to be reviewed. That was my job then. Now I have a few left. I look for people to give them to. I have a few that I keep close to my heart though here at home. I kind of make fun of record collectors.. they are a special type of person. They are the Gods of Vinyl …eheh

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