Roll of the Dice…

“To the question, “Why am I old?” the usual answer is, “Because I am becoming dead.” But the facts show that I reveal more character as I age, not more death.”
― James Hillman, The Force of Character: And the Lasting Life

A time of family Closure// to Steve’s only tattoo he got in the Navy Reserve… dices…

My oldest brother Steven J. Hudson died a couple of years ago. He was found in his apartment. These details are sketchy, and he is survived by his son and grandson.

Below is a story about my brother who spoke to me from the grave. I think he and Dennis Danell, the original bass player of Social Distortion, both are having some fun on the other side. They caught me in an “amber moment.” Affirming to me that the line between eternity and earthlings is often a fine line.

Brother Steve was a character… he died in his early 70s. He did so many things in life. He sailed, surfed, was a scuba diver, drank, ran marathons … he was a ladies’ man. He was a movie extra for years and knew many characters in the film industry too.

He told me once he kept books and documented all the shows and episodes he was on. I wish I had those books now.  

Brother Greg and Steve once said they were going to write a memoir or novel about Steve’s movie experience. I told Steve I was eager to do it too. If Steve only asked me to do it… it would have been done.

I have viewed him on many shows. I like watching reruns from the 60s through the 80s because you never know where his mug will show up.

Here is the story documented … with images to boot… a real life from the beyond story.

I saw SD at their 40th anniversary last December. Mike / band was awesome. He was wearing the badges I gave to Dennis (rip) on his guitar belt. I stole thoes badges from my oldest brother Steve. He had several police badges and such. He got them as a movie actor / extra. He was pissed. A nice synchronicity.

After the show in 2019 I saw this episode a couple years later…

Crazy night, I am watching Kolchak: The Night Stalker and saw my brother Steve (rip). He was a movie extra for years. I am watching the Bad Medicine episode. Steve is playing a police officer! I took his badges … a few years later. He kept them in a basket in his apartment. Those badges have a story too! He just affirmed it tonight! Wow … ❤️ kind of spooked! Thanks Kolchak!

Steve Hudson
Photos taken from my TV

Notice the Browse star police badge… on Steve and Mike’s guitar belt… the touch point of humor from the other side.

Photo taken by Hudley Flipside

Author: Hudley Flipside

Welcome to Hudley Flipside’s “The Seminary Of Praying Mantis Publishing.” Praying mantis shows me her story of life, death, and rebirth. For me she is an image or symbol of the divine in all things. I watch the praying mantis in my garden and have taken her image as my logo. She is an amazing little creature, and I relate to her connection to nature. We are both wild and part of this strange world. She is a part of my mythology as I am part of hers.

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