You’ll Always Walk Alone … Mums the word..

Thank you Joan C… Silence Fleece Blanket for Sale by Odilon Redon

The big black bumble bee is collecting nectar outside my window. The overcast day is good.

I have a bitchin scarf that is black with golden stars.  It hangs with my turquoise necklace that calls out to my cowboy boots. It is a turn on.

While studying, researching, and thinking it out, approaching a documentary film is very exciting. I have experienced that most times I walked alone or only with a few in some of my most valuable and emotional endeavors.

So, it is still moving on…

In a world of turmoil and strongest of strange… I find comfort in my ride. Like a ride on my white mustang over the trails of the Santa Monica mountains. It smells of sage, fennel, and life. It holds a narrative, story… and it will be told.

My mind is wandering on the trail of possibilities… it is so wild and good. Technologies are forming from the realm of new and accessible possibilities… it is so cool. Time for a Diet Doctor Pepper…. Here is a song that really sets the stage of my journey into documentary film making…