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“Black on grey is bitchin’ … it is a turn on!”

Said the anarchist punk.

“Something is kinda obscure. Kinda hidden ready to emerge. It messes with ya, kinda like a oxymoron… time for a pint of Guinness with orange juice!”

You can’t dismiss what is gone before
But there’s foundations for us to explore

I said –
All around the world I’ve been looking for new

– The Jam

In my cave I see the world around me. Here on WordPress all around the world… A type of paradise is here in my cave though. Outside nature grows and sings a Dionysian choir of loveliness. I create in my cave listening to the call.

Now I am promoting Direct To Garment Printing. Kind of like the Amazon Print on Demand books… print up only what friends purchase…. No waist… all around the world baby…still wrenching it … trying to cause considerable trouble in a humble sort of way… so it goes,

“la dee dah…all around the world.”

Hudley Flipside

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