The Dream And The Underworld by James Hillman

James Hillman RIP!!

“The key here is indirection: if the soul wanders from the body in sleep, then our way of letting the soul return to concrete life must follow the same wandering course, an indirect meandering a reflective puzzling.”

 ~ James Hillman

I have not been able to sleep, this is the time when my mind goes wild. I reflect on bad things done, mistakes, anger, and people who I want to strangle. It is as if I hear these things whispered in my ear. This is the time when the shadow of our nature comes forth.

Are these thoughts ours alone?

James Hillman tells us not to sedate ourselves at these times. He asks us to listen to the children of the night. Listen and ride the conversation. He informs us that even during sleep we do not rest. Our mind goes on a journey into the underworld. Here is where a collective history blends with our own personal one.

Our soul screams to be heard and we need to listen. Not from our intellectual classified mind but from the part of our mind where symbols express themselves through feelings and emotions, through creatively, suffering, and blissful joy.

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