A Mantis Carol by Laurens Van Der Post

“In a sense you’re right. I think there is a way in which both black and white did regard the Bushman in his natural state as a kind of wild animal. But to do justice even to the unjust, as we are bound to do, I regret, if we are ever to understand this horrible business, by “taming,” they meant becoming “civilized” in the sense the term held for them at the time”

~ Laurens Van Der Post

I was given this book by  my older brother Greg. He knew I was into the little insect called the Praying Mantis.  A Mantis Carol is a deep, slow-moving and intense story about so many interesting elements of nature, a man,  a woman and a Bushman.  One becomes aware that the Praying Mantis is always lurking about in this story. This is not a lighthearted book but asks some extremely deep esoteric questions. It contains beautifully written words that bring forth images of nature..