Beware of the moon birds.

Mrs. Bundy: Birds have been on this planet, Miss Daniels, since Archaeopteryx, a hundred and forty million years ago. Doesn’t it seem odd that they’d wait all that time to start a… a war against humanity. ~ The Birds

I recently watched Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds. The film is based on the novelette by Daphne du Maurier. The screenplay is written by Evan Hunter, Ed MacBain, and both, the film and the story, are very different. Yet, both have similar and highly symbolic connections that I find fascinating.

The moon is not used in word or image in either the film nor story. Indirectly, the moon is the main hidden movement in both. The birds are the “sturm and drang” in the film and story.

I remember when I first viewed The Birds on TV! I was about the age of the little girl Cathy Brenner. I thought the film was scary. My friends and I often pretended and played scenes from the Birds. We ran down hills of golden green frightened by our imaginary fierce birds.

Cathy Brenner: When we got back from taking Michelle home, we heard the explosion and went outside to see what it was. All at once, the birds were everywhere. All at once, she pushed me inside and they covered her. Annie, she pushed me inside.

I have grown up with this film. My point being is that the film is more about relationships between women then about the birds. In the film one finds maiden, mother and crone. Annie Hayworth is the sexy maiden where Lydia Brenner is the mother. Ethel Griffies plays the old crone “ornithologist.” The interesting character of Melanie Daniels plays a female goddess of the moon. She is mysterious, magical, intuitive, and carries love birds to her desired man.

Melanie Daniels: I thought you knew! I want to go through life jumping into fountains naked, good night! ~ The Birds

In the novelette by Maurier the same indirect influence is applied. The birds in her story are influenced by the ocean tide as narrated by the main character Nat Hocken. He works on a farm and describes his knowledge of the land and the sea. He is knowledgeable of all the birds in his environment. He is one of nature and his knowledge is as wise as the ornithologist Ethel Griffies from Hunter’s screenplay.

The species included blackbird, thrush, the common house-sparrow, and, as might be expected in the metropolis, a vast quantity of pigeons and starlings, and that frequenter of the London river, the black-headed gull.~ du Maurier, Daphne. The Birds: and Other Stories (Kindle Locations 311-312). Little, Brown and Company. Kindle Edition.

Both film and story indirectly show evidence of the influence of the moon; as the phases of a woman’s life, or the ocean tide. The uncanny attack of the birds is an unconscious one. It is a dynamic pull by the moon at Bodega Bay California or England at a bay of Cornwall on the Celtic Sea. Both film and story hold interesting perspectives. A wonderful film to see and greater story to read.

Maybe the lull in battle was because of the tide. There was some law the birds obeyed, and it was all to do with the east wind and the tide. He glanced at his watch. Nearly eight o’clock. It must have gone high water an hour ago. That explained the lull: the birds attacked with the flood tide. It might not work that way inland, up country, but it seemed as if it was so this way on the coast. He reckoned the time limit in his head. They had six hours to go, without attack. When the tide turned again, around one-twenty in the morning, the birds would come back… ~du Maurier, Daphne. The Birds: and Other Stories (Kindle Locations 523-527). Little, Brown and Company. Kindle Edition.



A reason for being or a strange mythos science fiction tale?

When I first became aware that everything living has a consciousness I was overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility! Then in a while, I settled down into this web of life. We are all here for such a short time ! I’ve come to know that it is the little efforts we do, with this awareness, that communicates who we are to the rest of the web! Even books carry a living awareness. The Internet is a vast global mental awareness that communicates now! We are all connected mentally and sometimes emotionally.

th (1)

During a thunder-storm last year a bolt of lightning above my house made the car alarm go off! While looking for my keys to turn off the alarm, something strange happened. I looked up at the computer monitor! I was calm and then the computer turned on! I watched as windows opened and mail sites opened! Without a password! There I stood gazing into another family member’s mail and messages! I quickly turned off the computer! I then turned off the car alarm! It all happened so fast!

Is humanity now involved in a strange mythology science fiction tale? Are we now reaching a point where our psyche and the cosmos are merging in a state of commincation awareness? This is not a new concept.

Noospheere, introduced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin , is a,

“social phenomenon [as] the culmination of and not the attenuation of the biological phenomenon.”[9]   

He was a “French idealist philosopher and Jesuit priest” who seems to have predicted the comming of the internet. He may not have known how it would manifest, but he sure got me believing. I read his work years ago and just recently reflected back on his brilliance.

Then there are characters like Cleve Backsteran interrogation specialist for the CIA who “using a polygraph instrument in the 1960s which led to his theory of “primary perception” where he claimed that plants “feel pain” and have extrasensory perception (ESP), which was widely reported in the media but was rejected by the scientific community.”

These characters explore, and open doors, and reflect on the possibilities of consciousness and communication.

David Wilcock and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin have written interesting books on these subjects. Their websites are listed in my links section if you find them fun for study.

And so I end this essay with some random words by H.P. Lovecraft,

I listened with renewed interest. The music seemed strangely muffled, and yet it came thought. I observed also that it had no definite direction; while before it had seemed to come from outside, it now seemed to come from underneath the house-a curious, chant-like playing of reeds and pipes.

“A flute orchestra,” I said.

“Or Pan pipes,” said Frolin.

I looked up at him sharply; he returned my gaze as steady. It occurred to me that his unnatural gravity had a reason for being, whether or not he wished to put that reason into words. I caught hold of his arms.” Pg 139 Beyond the Threshold, August Derleith. ~ H.P. Lovecraft and others, Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos

Happy Autumnal Equinox !!!

Conductor 71 c

A Matter of Life and Death (1946)



Great above, great below


…from the “great above” she set her mind toward the “great below.” The Goddess, from the “great above’ she set her mind toward the “great below.”… Gilgamesh-is the Sumerian myth of the sky goddess Inanna.

To Isis; bless the waters of this earth.


What do you put on your pizza??

Political Farty

“Commander In Chief over here. I have a question.”

Here we are ! You can cross off two of the candidates up there. The special addition of Romney is out-of-place. What is he doing there? There was a chance that he might have taken over, but we guess no one was listening besides us. Here at Flopside Comics we take current politics very seriously. Today we are ready to release some happy hormones or better known as endorphins via our mighty brains. Join us and let it all hang out for two wannabe Commander In Chief.

Hillary  or Trump, Trump or Hillary.

The giggles are approaching along with the suppressed anger. Let’s have some fun ….YA!


Great Transformation



Simple traditions or rituals mean a damn lot to me! My first apple scented candle of the great transformation, from summer to autumn, is one of those specially ritualistic times! Glade is the best product, I have found, in regards to price and smell! Today is all about magic and it all starts with this nimbus light and remarkable smell of a colorful glass candle…as experienced so many times before ! A reflection on the past, present and the future ! So damn delightful.

I tend to remember where a quote is in a book. If the quote inspires me it stays with me. One such quote is from one of two books that I have. Books about St. Francis of Assisi. He always fascinates me. In his time when religion, war and profits of the rich accelerated, here comes a man who shuns them all. He then turns to a mystical place free of these things. He brings ritual  and nature back to the people. He brings back simple rituals mixed with ancient days of a golden race long gone by.

In one these books I remember a journey Francis takes to Rome. On the way there he sleeps under the Egyptian sphinx. The sphinx is still covered with sand. He reflects under the uncovered head of the sphinx. The night is silent and mystical. The stars and the moon are in the heavens. He wonders on the mystery of life and the sphinx. The words from the book are well written. I captured the image from this book. I can not seem to find the book though.


Today I am reading another book by Joseph Campbell and he also reflects on the sphinx. An in-depth perspective new to me.

“The sphinx symbolizes the continuity of pharaonic power; pharaohs come and go, but they are all carriers, or vehicles of the pharaonic power. The sphinx is the child of that wonderful lion goddess Sekhmet and a strange deity called Ptah, who is always represented in the form of a mummy and is actually a moon-god. The moon rays fertilize the lion goddess, and this is the source of the sphinx.”

Pg. 92. Goddesses , Mysteries of the Feminine Divine. Joseph Campbell.


Limestone votive stela of Ptah from Memphis (E13579). Dynasty 19 (1292-1190 B.C.).

These two image of the sphinx, with the information provided, seem very interesting to me. A conclusion only leads me to more study and insight as we move forward into Autumn.

The Notion

“Now the people from all times have been aware of the movements of the planets, in particular the sun and moon, but now they relate these movements to a mathematical system. I think this is probably the most important transformation of the notion of the universe in the history of human consciousness.” ~ pg 72 Goddesses, Mysteries of the Feminine Divine by Joseph Campbell

neptune1 saturn

It is a given that the Planets have a way that is unique on to them and if you follow their stories, or not, that it ok by me. I can’t help but listen to their stories and their “angle of the dangle,” because it is kind of hard not to notice their patterns! Since the beginning of civilization there is a vast amount of studies about the planets.  It is quite amazing to me that so much knowledge and wisdom is associated with the planets. I am not an expert on the subject, but I am an ‘intuitive’!  I understand nature. I understand that the planets play a part in the big picture.

It is a civilization “individuation process” on a big scale. Yet, as subtle as a butterfly in one’s backyard, or the understanding of sorrowful feelings of a child when they first learn that bullies suck! The same but different is the key to understanding their stories. This is humanities’ story too.

Today I focus on all this hullabaloo over Saturn square Neptune.

I have found a perfect song for Neptune and another for Saturn, that expresses my inward feelings about these two character building planets. It is the blending in me that I enjoy. Sometimes I stress over the shadows that Neptune and Saturn manifest in their creative dark stories.  Yet, I say hello Saturn and Hello Neptune.  And so their story continues….and so too is humanity here to acknowledge their existence. We listen to their patterns, mathematical system and stories.

To Neptune

To Saturn..

I can see this means money

At the museum

Putting a financial value on my work, or working,  has been a challenge for me as I get older. How much would an experienced bumblebee bill their nest or tenured crickets get paid for their endless nightly eyeballing politics? A crow carnival barker yelling in the distance, for some hidden merry-go-round, will charge a ride fee!?

My eyes watch as others work. They work hourly and some for monthly salaries. Why am I concerned about my financial value in the scheme of things? At close to retirement age I am still considering working. But, to actually have someone pay me to work for them, seems unnatural to me. We know that USA Olympians sign contracts to advertise their sponsors products. This seems crazy to me too.  In this contrary world we live in it is a must and a reality.

On the borderline of being a senior citizen I researched the perks. With age comes discounts and respectful advantages;  as wavers to go to college for free, or senior citizen discounts at local restaurants. Strangely, inside I feel as wide-eyed and innocent as a 24-year-old in the big bad world. In truth, I am anything but this. I know from experience that a mother, housewife, artist and writer is null compared to a current year of work experience. I do work every day and have great responsibilities. I currently just don’t do it for money. I have sold a few of my things here and there. It feels ok I guess.

I cannot get past this tall fence. As an older woman this is an absurd reality I face each day which moistens my soul with ironic tears.

Roasted garlic bulb

Roasted garlic bulb is better than sex and my stuffed avocados are better than tantric sex and here’s why! Ah-ah-ahh-ah, ah-ah-ahh-ah


I had a whole punch of avocados and garlic bulbs. An image floated through my mind and I instantly knew what to do.

Recipe for Stuffed Avocados.

A whole bunch of avocados

A whole bunch of garlic bulbs

Seedless red grapes

Small cherry tomatoes

A green pepper

  1. Pull the loose skin off and cut the top of the garlic bulbs. Put in a cupcake pan. Drizzly with olice oil. Cover with aluminum foil and bake 400 F for about 35 minutes.
  2. Cut green pepper up into small pieces.
  3. Cut cherry tomatoes in half.
  4. Cut red grapes in half.
  5. Take one avocado and cut up and mix in a bowl with green peppers and cherry tomatoes.
  6. Season the mixture with some pepper flakes, salt and pepper (I like any of the Mrs. Dash seasonings)
  7. You can put a little mayonnaise if you want.
  8. Sprinkle with NAKANO seasoned vinegar and olive oil.


Putting it all Together.

Put some lettuce sliced nicely on a plate . (or some shredded cheese, so it will not slip around while eating.)  Peel one avocado and cut in half. Place on the lettuce. Channel enough of the mixture to fill the avocado and a bit more. Then for the best part take a lot of those roasted garlic bulbs. Put a little pressure on them and those yummy morsels will pop out.  Garnish with a whole lot of roasted garlic.

If you want to add a little more to the adventure, add some Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing. A nice creative intimate design on top would rule!

Maybe a 7000-year-old recipe frome the overlords?

Saturn is a God !!

Saturn now !

The Seminary of Praying Mantis



I am studying and reading about Saturn: the mythology, history, archetypal, astrological; and even jumped into some depth psychology and esoteric merging. Saturn could be a God or maybe a Goddess because through meditation he showed me himself as a her that looked and spoke a lot like Lana Turner

Lana Turner is a strong-willed dame that is morally together. She does not jump fences for men and knows herself. She is accountable, beautiful, smart and karma incarnate. Saturn manifesting as Miss Turner in my imagination is good.

My dream embraces a different aspect of Saturn then from my walking imagination. I found myself in a dark horror film. Blood and gore galore heightened my awareness. Dark opaque shiny metal and a large pool table caught my attention. A monster had already taken killed three of my…

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Spinning Tires


Michael Conley 1959 to 2008, Band M.I.A. Photo by Kurt Porter.

I remember Mike’s eldest daughter Alex Conley, explaining at his funeral, how her dad always had to play his music loud, be it in the house or in the car. She did not seem to get it, since they had headphones.

Today youngest son is acting like a know it all teenager. He knows all about art and rock & roll. A stick up his ass. Like an old fart art curator or rusty rock band member. Me I am just Mama Kin… I don’t know a thing.

I stopped to drop him off at his college art class. Before he got out he turned down the music, changed the channel to Jazz, and closed the door. I then changed the channel back to rock & roll, turned up the music loud while spinning tires, and raced away. Mike came to mind.  I was then sitting with his ghost as this song came on. It be cool man. Time for a cocktail. I enjoyed a ride with Mike Conley today.

Youngest son is my friend regardless… we both like rock & roll, art and fast cars. He is a son and I am a mom.