The Devil is a creation of the Inquisition


While munching on a rum nougat See’s Candy, celebrating between Valentine’s and St Patrick’s Day, I realized that I figured out the film The Ninth Gate by Roman Polanski. The film is running along the same lines as The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, A puzzle or a comedy of divine proportions. A mockery of a contemporary world filled with greed, power, money and materialism.

A savvy book dealer, a Professor who wants to summons the Devil for power to control his own destiny, and all the other characters that enhance this mockery play a handsome part in this film. A strange and delightful film with a bewildering soundtrack. A slow-moving film that is very film Noir.

Who is that strange otherworldly female with green eyes with a trace of darkness calling up our shadows to an evil agency? This is not the case. She is a protector, witness and watcher. She is illustrated in a book and mocks the pages of this strange book. Almost similar to a strange cosmic comic book character.

The film is all about a book or are there three books? Maybe only three remain because the rest of the books were destroyed and burned with the author during the Inquisition. That time and  place in history where any folk’s tale or ancient religion was destroyed by the Catholic Church of greed, power, money and materialism. Are you catching the karma of this film?  It is a Divine Comedy! The game is to solve this riddle.

The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows, written by Aristide Torchia, Venice 1666 is the strange book that everyone seems to want to have. Yet the joke is on those that pursue it for the wrong reason. A book of magic is a book of alchemists and witchcraft. An ancient tradition almost killed off by the Inquisition and more indirectly by our wonderful religious patriarchs.

That “castle and the ninth gate” is a mystery to some. Enlightenment is a strange woman I assume. A witch that protects and shows the way. No Devil just a simple woman with the power of her sexuality. This is strangely hidden and what is so powerfully impressive about this film is that she shows us the key to the ninth gate. Silence, wisdom and patience are the protectors of enlightenment.

Poets are shameless

A poem a day… or a season…

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off I know that is poetry.

~Emily Dickinson

Poets are shameless with their experiences: they exploit them.

~Friedrich Nietzsche

‘Therefore’ is a word the poet must not know.

~Andre Gide

Here is something as if “my head were taken off.” Working and “exploiting” Jazz is a wonderful way of feeling good about life. “Therefore” poems really capture feelings of being alive. Or as my sister “shamelessly” said once, “Is-ing.” That is what poetry captures.  

Here is my little project.


Poobah: the black kitty girl.

Nacho Man: The orange cat.

Mikey: The kitty of the garden.

Bees: On Football bush. (HUM HUM HUM)

The back garden: From the Cornell’s address.

Raven was heard too.

And the rest of my poem speaks for

The day or a season.

Speak Truth to Power

This gave further impetus to the feminist revolt which, if not understood and coped with at its cultural root, could destroy Western society as a similar movement destroyed Roman civilization. The problem is now made more acute by the biological revolution which could, if pushed to its ultimate potential, alter the human race beyond recognition, or lead to its virtual destruction, while still giving the impression that scientific thought can fully comprehend and master that which generated it—Life.

de Riencourt, Amaury. Woman and Power in History . Honeyglen Publishing Limited. Kindle Edition.

Vote by Mail

Strong Women Postcards

KFJC 89.7 FM Flipside Radio June 1984 Tape Two

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

Tape Two

Watch out for those bean burritos…!!

Halloween Time

KFJC 1984: Tape two is about the revolution.

“The Revolution is going to be now… doing it Now.” 

This is for all the nostalgia that is happening now in 2013 (now it is 9/22/2022) and the fun I am having looking back.

Communication was difficult then. Speaking and writing was not our perfection. Yes, we were coarse, angry and at times silly. But we were real and did something regardless of how unprepared we were. Raw, ready and in your face, and learning as we went forward. Hopefully, just like the kids today, out of the past into the future. And remember to have fun!!

(I did not like Saint Vitus then… now they sound OK)

At that time, we were having some issues with SST Records. In truth I am thankful to SST because they abundantly advertised in many of our issues and helped us in the process of publishing Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. Then again, we got their message out to their fans and contributed to the process of record sales.

A nice little punk arrangement. Don’t you think?

I am not going to tell you what is on the tape. You never know from whom you will hear.

Music or interviews, so surprise surprise.

1984 the BIG PUNK ROCK!! (2 out of 13 tapes 1984)!

KFJC 89.7 FM Flipside Radio May 1984 Tape One

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant.

Hudley Flipside

Autumnal Equinox special.

(Bringing back an original WordPress post from 2012)

There are many stories from THE BIG PUNK ROCK. This is just one of them. Documented and served up for your ears only.

“The box was addressed to a rented room where I lived. Once the house cleaners’ quarters and part of a large old Victorian house in Rochester New York. The box contained several copies of Flipside Fanzine and 13 cassette tapes of KFJC Radio. I guess AL Flipside felt sorry for me and mailed them.

Twenty years later the box has been with me on a long journey. In time I upgraded the cassette tapes to CDs. Then for the last 6 years the box, with CDs, was placed in a closet to mature almost as good as a grand old whiskey.”

~ Hudley Flipside about KFJC Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Radio Tape Four

Before cell phones, computers, and the internet, records were what the punks were listening to.

Scratched because they were played too much!!!

Hear the records as they came warm from the vinyl bakery.

A history of a youth gone mad and then some got older and some are dead dead dead.

The patina of punk rock, you just cannot send me away. I survived the valley of the dolls.

Put this in your punk rock nostalgia blender, then on your pizza with garlic for punishment.

It took me some time to get this all together. I am asking for a punk love offering.

“Be more than a witness.”

Here are thirteen 1-hour tapes with mostly a punk rock genre. To be shared one after the other in good time.

Hudley Flipside hosted and recorded each tape at the Flipside House in Whittier California. Flipside Radio lasted for about a years’ time. Flipside Radio includes interviews with current individuals involved with the punk rock scene when all was unique, fresh and on the cutting edge.

Lyell from KFJC was the guy that asked us. Hudley was the one to take it on. It was a peak time for punk rock and Flipside was running very fast with it.

This is a taste, a little bit of that history. Flipside Fanzine published from the late 1970s to around the beginning of the 2000s. It covered up and coming bands from the underground music scene in Los Angeles as well as internationally.

Tape One.

This is the first 60-minute recording from 1984. Right out of punk rock. Enjoy, because you just never knew who would come a knocking on our door?

An interesting article in the Los Angeles times today 11/17/2012 in the Business section.

“Hostess to go out of business”

This synchronizes with Flipside Radio which contains an interview I did with Ian MacKaye about straight edge versus eating of sweets.

Al mentions the “Twinkies defense” in so many words. Very impressive. Dan White killed San Francisco city Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone due to eating Twinkies. He became depressed (hypoglycemia). Also, one of the reasons Hostess is going out of business is because consumers are getting smart about their diets and just don’t eat Twinkies anymore.

Some 30 years ago and I win the argument today. Feels good.

A Lot more characters here too like…

Golden Voice’s Big Frank and Punk Photographer Glen E. Friedman.

“Tape One track one and two… original cassette tape converted into a CD and upgraded to here… all taken from original cutting edge punk rock records (songs) owned by Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine…. for free promotion and review. 62: 30 minutes with Tape One: OHL opens with Verbrannte Erde. Mini Interview with (Minor Threat / Ian MacKaye, The Faith / Alec MacKaye and Glen E. Friedman/ Photographer Al Flipside is on this tape and Big Frank from Golden Voice,) Eddie & The Subtitles, GBH, Wire Pink Flag, Live Flipside Video with Toxic Reasons and reading of Kahlil Gibran the theme song Valley of the Dolls and much more. Thanks….”


Flipside Radio Hosted By Hudley Flipside

Tape One Track One May 28 1984


Flipside Radio Hosted By Hudley Flipside

Tape One Track Two May 28 1984

Until next time Flipside Radio Tape Two to follow…

Germ tails and little baby Jesus pins

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

Electrify Me Lyrics

I let this fire burn inside
‘Cuz the love I lost in the alley
She appeared and she disappeared
Into a cloud of grafitti
She electrify me
Radioactive hair stuck in the sky
A plastic bag, a gun inside
Green cowboy boots and her black straight legs
She electrify me
She electrify me
She electrify me
She danced and pogo’d all night long
She bobbed her head like a toy tin doll
She shook her shoulders around so free
She even danced on the ground with me
On the ground with me
She electrify me
She electrify me

Having a talk on Instagram about the “Mosh pit” or “slam pit.” I remember before this when the punk scene was softer but still very real and rebellious. The dance movement had a sexy push to it that was fun and uniting which moved us with each song.

This song captures that time when “Germ tails and little baby Jesus pins” were still around. Yet as the slam pit took over these things slowly disappeared.

This song captures that time when it was so damn special to be a punk. It is romantic and seductive and there was an unknown equation to what it was becoming. Unclassified too. And how we lost something as the punk scene changed.

A lovely song. It is irresistible and must be danced to.

So, I celebrate this nice synchronicity as words become alive and memories shine.

As for stories Dad was the best at keeping us kids interested. He had the gift and I guess he learned this from his mother. Who he said left poems on the refrigerator door just for him. Later she had her poems published in the weekly Santa Monica newspaper back in the late 40s and early 1950s.

It was my mom who asked me to never stop writing and always supported my endeavors.

I even fought and wrestled with the Flipside Fanzine crew to get a Poetry Page in Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. Pooch continued the poetry page after I left.

Flipside Fanzine Issues 57 Fall 1988

I love to write and especially love to write poetry. It is a time when magic happens. As human beings we naturally engage with memories, with the cosmos, and our feelings. Also, with those large uncontrollable metaphors like our professors tell us.

I was going through my notes and work and found this chapbook of poetry. I was surprised to see it was completed on the day September 17, 2018.

I will be talking this weekend. September 17, 2022. Telling stories with others. It feels great too to join in this narrative of speakers. At a cool pub. I can not think of a better place to talk. My youngest son told me this,

“Mom I just feel so comfortable in pubs, I dot know what it is but is just feels so good. I can just relax and have a pint. Listen to music and have fun.”

We could be talking about the pubs in the stories from Lord of The Rings to the history of William Blakes’ family where the pub was so important in their freedom to speak and sing when the Church of England suppressed their views.

To the characters who linger, who come and go and grow from such a pub. Or simply to those who want to relax and hear a few stories.

Have Another Beer While We’re Here.

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

For an old gal who still writes letters and keeps her PO Box open though often quite empty.

Dad served in WWII and was once stationed in Adelaide Australia. I recently talked to a professor from Queens University of Technology (urban coastal city of Brisbane) John Willsteed about Punk Rock for an academic book, and I have a few friends from the country. Recently longtime friends the Talley-Jones’s went on an amazing journey in Australia. Yet for me it is selfishly always about The Saints.

Writing letters has always been my thing. I might have written them unreadable at first, but I often would get intelligent and friendly responses. Either way I keep writing them to companies, authors, and friends. In my twenties working on a fanzine, I did spend a great deal of time reading and typing up letters from fans and adversaries for Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine.

One letter I wrote in the late 1970s was to the band The Saints. I never got a response. It was about their Prehistoric Sounds Album I had a question for them.

I remember writing the letter on an old manual typewriter in my parent’s house looking over at the Verdugo Mountain Range of the San Fernando Valley. White out, finding a stamp and an envelope and walking to the Post Office to mail it is a consistent and blurry memory for me, but a true one.

I’m inspired by the band’s edition of a type of horns background band sound. Or as they say a horns section. An incredibly unique sound for me as a youngster. So, I wrote to the record label at the time. Whatever address was on the inside insert or record label for HARVEST. How silly that was but now I find it a very endearing thing for a fan to do.

I saw on Facebook that Prehistoric Sounds came out September 8, 1978, now is a wonderful time to celebrate this album.

Finding out about the Aints much later I can see a band that includes that sound I was curious about. Specially from one of my favorite songs. A nice continuity and happy way to see the endurance of an album, scene, song, or people. Bringing back all those good feelings too!

It’s still a thrill for me.

At one time I talked to music friends about a mystical journey of going to see Chris Baily sing in a pub in Australia. As the story goes, he would go to pubs and sing his songs. One of my friends who was thinking of going along is a local Los Angeles friend whose name is also Chris Bailey.

What dreams I had. A dream is now over due to Christ Bailey of The Saints recent demise, but I still hold the need to visit Australia someday, regardless.

It is so good to be in touch with Ed Kuepper though this electrical fire and still learn things about music, this place here on the internet. That he makes himself very accessible is sweet. I am only one of many fans who are listening.

This story I share is very comforting in a clever sort of way. I think the three fates Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos are my friends.

People, real people, value others not just their created documents. This is what punk rock is.

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Pic by Hilda 1979

I am happy to see many podcasts, films and documentaries about punk rock coming out these days. Books too. It is overwhelming to me. I am approached by many due to my special experience as a punk rock journalist. Some treat me nicely and others are ruthless to get stuff from me.

Be it writing a fanzine, a book, or releasing a documentary film I have done it all myself. I have published fanzines, books, and records. I just completed two documentaries about Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine.

There is always a line to draw out of kindness.

A few years ago, I was approached by a lady who knew nothing about punk rock but wanted to do a documentary about some punk rock skate women. So, she hired a promotional person to gather information. I agreed to do a Zoom meeting with them.   

I soon saw that they wanted to pick my brain. Then when I asked them questions, they got nervous. I told them that I needed to stop sharing with them.

This promotional woman was being paid good money to gather information about punk rock.

I was just brain picking leads for their needs. I call that being compromised and exploited!

I told them if they are interested in a real narrative with a person with valuable experience, they can hire me as a consultant on the film or documentary.

When they got back to me it was by a short message. They could get the information they wanted through an archive. They did not want to have a lived experienced narrative helper. They wanted cold facts and information. Good for them.

There is a difference between behind the scene work or giving an interview to be used in a film or documentary. There is a line to be drawn there too. Or maybe be a source of information for a book; as for a professor in an academic study.

I’ve been used too much. My work stolen, people coming through a backdoor to get money from my hard work, and I am lied too.

I am done.

I came up with the idea of a Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant for hire. I don’t help unless it is for a fee. Kinda like a private eye for hire.

It is serious business and most people are cheep. Not me, no more buddy!

From my experience one has to be savvy about these things. To the highest degree.

Send me a message and we can talk project, documents and/or consultant fees.