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On this rainy day of green and black…

Two Stories for St. Patrick’s Day

I was not going to tell these two stories about my life. What the hell. I may tell them again. That is the advantage of getting older. We have the ability, knowledge and have earned the right to do so. Coming from a large family I might as well.

St. Patrick’s Day is when my father died only a few years ago. He died at home. The house he lived in for over 6o years. The same one his brother built for him and the land his mother bought for him. He had five children. On the day of his death after my siblings and I watched him pass to the sounds of Frank Sinatra, my choosing, the morticians took him away just like they did my mother a few years earlier.  Then siblings and I jumped in our cars and headed for the local pub. The Pickwick on Ventura where we grew up. We ate a hearty traditional meal and drank. The well was closed to us, yet we were not asked to leave. As my dad liked to eat and drink, he also did not want any hypocritical words said about him after his death.

Last year on March 17th, 2019 I went to ER for an asthma attack. My boys had a BBQ and the fumes, and a cold gave way to this torture. Yet, it was only the beginning of my suffering. Along with the Albuterol treatment I was thought to have Pneumonia. I was given some mighty powerful drugs for a little old lady of 61 who stands about 5 foot three inches. I was given Amoxicillin and Prednisone. Once home and breathing I awoke to a train beating in my body, and so the descent into the underworld took me for close to 6 months. The doctors always roll their eyes when I tell them I was raped from the inside. Not being able to swallow solid food. Initiation starts with a type of poison or strange call. I got mine for sure.

A year later I have survived the strange happening. I took many a path to find my way back. I did find it. I met some interesting characters along the way. Also, I learned about the power of our Thyroid ductless gland and the power of the balancer known as our Heart. As I was told…. Pluto loves Persephone. I suggest one never forget this quote even if you do forget my two stories. You may need this quote in case you also find yourself lost in the underworld.

The Fennel Wands

Ides of March

Join with me in the dance holding high my thyrsus

Thyrsus staff tied with taenia and topped with a pine cone.

Euripides also writes,

“There’s a brute wildness in the fennel-wands—Reverence it well.”

(The Bacchae and Other Plays, trans. by Philip Vellacott, Penguin, 1954.

Pentheus: The thyrsus— in my right hand shall I hold it?

Or thus am I more like a Bacchanal?

Dionysus: In thy right hand, and with thy right foot raise it”.[3]

The cult of Dionysus is also a “cult of the souls”; his maenads.

Maenad carrying a thyrsus and a leopard with a snake rolled up over her head. Tondo of an ancient Greek Attic white-ground kylix 490–480 BC from Vulci. Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich, Germany

Dancing Maenad Roman copy of Greek original attributed to Kallimachos circa 425-400 BCE at the Metropolitan Museum of Art





Shine on shine my little star

image rellief / Stencil of Chiron 1995

Chiron, is a small Solar System body in the outer Solar System, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus.
Orbital period: 50 years. Discovered: October 18, 1977Radius: 84.314 mi Aphelion: 62′ 0″ Orbits: Sun Angular diameter: 0.035″ (max) Discoverer: Charles T. Kowal

Some say that punk has been around a long time. It has in one form or another. Yet the flavor I am referring to is a unique form, known as Punk Rock, that formed around the cusp, a little before and after, 1977. The median of young punk at that time being the age of 19. As most born in the year 1958.

The small solar system body discovered at the time is Chiron known in mythology as “the wounded healer.” Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine formed at that time. Punk bands with this flavor formed too. The Saints, The Dammed and The Ramones. Sex Pistols etc. Around the time of 1977 to 1987 is the decade of the creation of this unique flavor of punk that continues today.
Now (charged) GBH, the Circle Jerks and Social Distortion are celebrating their 40-year anniversaries around that time median.

Mar 28, 1977, Chiron enters Taurus. Feb 18, 2019 Chiron enters Aries. “Chiron teaches us the philosophical perspective, and the perspective that our wildness, which may put us outside the status quo, may be our wisdom.” ~ Tim Lyons

The current 40-year celebration is based on the beginning close to the cusp of 1977. The originators and wild ones who moved with this flavor of punk rock.
Back then were not our glory days but more the beginning when we all had to create our hubs, bands, media, promotions, record labels, and fanzines. We were isolated and dependence on each other was the key to our survival. The news did not mention us unless cops charged our shows. Our ways were strange and unique. We did it all ourselves. Dark rooms, silk screens were what we did. Flyers are how we communicated.

I always had a way into this flavor of punk. It is in my DNA. Like most of us original characters we are now writing about those days. As a bard and punk journalist, it is only natural for me to do this.

Recently I received a review on Amazon calling my Punkalullaby memoir as being “Trite and Boring.” I thought of many ways to respond to the criticism, but I did not. It was a long process for me creating and then sharing my story. I think that review is more about the reviewer than my story. If that person took the time to read it. He would have found a woman’s psyche addressing the world with her wild woman ways. It is about characters, music and the growth of a punk scene. Punks who grew up together.

I don’t see the past as my glory days. Yet, I did make some darn good friends. I think that 1977 was a unique time that brought a lot of misfits tighter together. This is all about our experiences and friendships which both need to be held up high and respected.

This is the key of our punk scene. Its foundation and flavor of punk rock, music wise that is. Chiron is an embellishment,  a signature in the heavens that once announced our coming. That it all is valid and has deep meaning. So, do our lives.

“Shine on shine my little star

Up above the world honey that you are

Shine on now you don’t give me no love

Hit me like a death ray baby from above.”






Within our Nature

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I’m a lucky girly..

“During the life of the garden, women keep a diary, recording the signs of life-giving and life-taking. Each entry cooks up a psychic soup. In the garden we practice letting thoughts, ideas, preferences, desires, even loves, both live and die. We plant, we pull, we bury. We dry seed, sow it, support it. Pg. 100.”

~Women Who Run With the Wolves, Charissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

I just recently read the above quote. I’m touched when another person understands things that I do but don’t often talk about.

Our one-bedroom apartment in Van Nuys California was a tree fort apartment. The west, north and east sides of our apartment were open. Not being a joined to another apartment was nice. We were right above a parking structure on the second level. No one living overhead us either.  To the south a wall was originally shared with a gay black man. He made my husband chicken soup when he was sick. Next came a Hispanic family whose children went to school with our son. A small elementary school on Erwin Street. I walked him to school and back each day.

One year for Christmas I purchased a little rosemary Xmas tree. A small little thing with a red bow. Eventually I planted the little tree in a colorful pot. Placing it right outside our front door. It grew nicely with fresh air and sunshine.

When we moved into a house in the San Fernando Valley, I took that hearty little rosemary bush and planted her in front of our new home. The rosemary plant went through many changes. Droughts, water rainstorms and bad trimmings by gardeners.  Twenty years later this evergreen bush is mature and lovely. Being large and full of life and busy bees. Her purple aura now is radiant with the sounds of nature and humming.

Loves grows where my rosemary goes…

Wild Promethean fennel, taken as dry little seeds from the Santa Monica Mountains, is now heading into third generation. I have been sowing the seeds around our yard. As delicately and respectfully as possible!  This year I found some youthful green shoots. Distinctly wild Promethean fennel. Add more to my pleasure these green fennel shoots are right next to my mystery Holly Hawk. Her seeds were sown too by you know who?

Rape at Mar-a-Largo

The Daily “FUCK” Gazette Feb/2020

A prime oracular from Flopside Comics. It has been awhile ! We at Flopside Comics listened to The Dumpster give his weird ass oracular speech of lowest degree. Also known as “the state of ‘fuck the union’.”

Mr. Fuck remarks that,

“His speech is poorly written and lacking facts , bad grammar, word propaganda and bull shit … it deserves to be ripped up ! I’d burn it too!“

Yet Dumpster mentioned California as a sanctuary state , he pronounced it as “stank- uary” state , a place of rape by Illegal Immigrants.

Mr. Shit also loudly declared,

“It Is the worst illogically written propaganda I have witnessed! It is like saying how bad Florida is because a ‘serial-killer’ killed in his home State of Florida! I wonder how many young girls were or still are being abused at Mar-a-Lago?”

We at Flopside comics all agree that

Donald John “Jackass“ Trump aka as Dumpster is the lowest of the low!

Hudley’s Manifesto

1977 – 1981 Jimmy Carter, 1981 – 1989 Ronald Regan, 1989 George Bush.

Be More Than An Animal


“Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, as Freud believed, or a quest for power, as Alfred Adler taught, but a quest for meaning. Pg. 27, Frankl.”

Anarchy, chaos and no government were unending slogans within the punk rock community. Remember this structure. We turned the peace hippie finger symbol into vice, vandalism and violence.  Plenty of clubs were destroyed and punks were not asked to come back. We rebelled against authority. The music and lyrics of songs moved us. Our persona as punks defined many of us but not all of us.

Today I see a President who is using these same ideals. Less government, anarchy against our United States constitution. Every day he creates chaos by dividing the people of our republic.

It is strange to me to see this. I am not the young punk I once was. When young I rebelled because I was angry at a world that let me down. I had the freedom to rebel. Other countries do not have this freedom to speak out.

Now as an older woman I see how corruption does not care about the goals of freedom. Without a conscious we have no chance of drawing a line.

As a young punk I developed and learned about compassion, integrity and creativity. I have a moral compass. I have come more to see the world as in a constant state of duality or contrary perspectives.

When Trump uses anarchy, chaos and less government to take from the poor and give to the rich, I rebel.

When Trump and his fossil fuel industry take from the land and give to the rich. I rebel.

When immigrants are housed in cages, similar as a concentration camp, and separated from their children to be sexually abused. I rebel.

When the republican party supports anti-abortion propaganda while taking healthcare away from children. I rebel.

Trump takes the truth and inverts it and surrounds it with emotionalism. A heated propaganda simile.  Politicians do play their games, but Trump uses his ministry of propaganda like Paul Joseph Goebbels did. He was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany.

As a young punk I unconsciously searched for the dignity of life. As young punks we questioned the status quo. I guess I am still doing this. It is a good quality to have. I want to believe that most living punks have this insight. A joined movement inside us individually and collectively.  An inside continuity. A search for meaning.

I am sure we all see this differently, but this is my perspective. There was something that brought us together.

At a current Youth Brigade show I heard similar words spoken about politics, age and being angry. No longer young punks we are standing up for life as something to believe in. Something is very wrong with our current President.

“Three possible sources for meaning in work (doing something significant, in love (caring for another person), and in courage during difficult times. Suffering in and of itself is meaningless; we give our suffering meaning by the way in which we respond to it. At one point, Frankl writes that a person “may remain brave, dignified and unselfish, or in the bitter fight for self-preservation he may forget his human dignity and become no more than an animal.” ~ Victor Frankl, Man’s Search For Meaning.

40 Years of Punk Advertisements


This video was presented at a UCLA Punk Event 2018; Curating Resistance Punk Conference. Now 2020 is a time where some very important punk bands are celebrating 40 years of punk rock. Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine is there. I also want to celebrate the many advertisers that also share in this celebration. This is a sample from when the Ten-Year Anniversary Issue # 54 came out.  Record labels, promoters and the list go on. We were a phenomenon of punk adventure as we grew and supported a scene together. The bands and the behind the scene punks are the symbolic friendship, an explosion, of those who made it happen. Photographers and bootleggers, with the growing punk fans, who also are the ones who helped to shape the direction that the punk scene took.  I will never forget you. Financial backing of advertisements in each issue of Flipside Fanzine helped us publish each issue. Thank you!



In the circle
Of fire
He came forth now
A motif of youthful

We remember together
A time of music
And knowing attraction.

A smile
A wink
Water guns 
both soaked to the skin
Your test cassette of Metallica.

The Whisky A Go Go
He circled round me

Slowly dancing and singing
“Me and Mrs. Jones
we got a thing going on”

I walked around him
following round
his circle 
boldly declaring.

Two punks.

Who else observed this friendship?
And this continues still
From the start.

The good feeling of being desired
Innocence and fun
I will remember you always this way.

~ Poems about punks by Hudley Flipside