Electric Honey: The Heart is more than a muscle that pumps blood.

Daedalus gives Ariadne a gift. ~ Ariadne Page 7, by Jennifer Saint

Watercolor by Hudley Flipside

A reflection on Pluto in Aquarius … prose, experience and the imagination.

“What exactly is a computer chip?

A computer chip is a packaged set of electronic circuits printed onto a thin, circular wafer made of the element silicon, one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust. These electronic circuits work with the help of transistors, which serve as tiny switches that turn an electrical current on or off. These operations are the basis for all modern computing.”

“What are the 7 functions of the heart? The heart plays the following roles in the human body:

Pumping oxygenated blood into other body parts. Circulating hormones and other essential substances to different parts of the body. Receiving oxygen-poor blood and pumping it into the lungs for oxygenation, transporting waste products from the body. Maintaining blood pressure.”

The new Prometheus

A computer chip

Our Heart pumps blood.

A novel

Our technology

Life for all.

“Frankenstein’s Monster:

By degrees I made a discovery of still greater moment. I found that these people possessed a method of communicating their experience and feelings to one another by articulate sounds. I perceived that the words they spoke sometimes produced pleasure or pain, smiles or sadness, in the minds and countenances of the hearers. This was indeed a godlike science, and I ardently desired to become acquainted with it.”

 ~ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein

I remember one rainy night when a storm was brewing overhead. My computer was turned off, yet the room lit up as thunder broke close to our car. I stood in the dark room at that moment and witnessed my computer turn on without a password. I saw my husband’s yahoo emails open up and I saw much more before my gaze. I walked over and pulled the plug. It went dark as the room and the storm rumpled past us.

Was it only a surge of electricity that ran through my computer that night? Electricity animates many things and gives life.

“It’s not the love you make. It’s the love you give.” ~ Nikola Tesla

I am studying the astrological effects that Pluto in Aquarius will have on humanity and the world. I read a lot about the underworld, technology, transformation and even the word rebellion.

I think back upon Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Novel, Frankenstein. I realize the same old idea has haunted me from the get-go. Who’s soul did Frankenstein’s monster have?

A computer chip, a human heart all needs energy or electricity for life. Be it in a story or on the computer I am using now or my heart that is beating.

I remember a dream I had years ago, and I learned in my dream that Pluto Loves Persephone.

All this foresight, astrology and science and I find the word “Love” lacking.

As though electricity flowing through everything is incapable of love?

Maybe we are approaching a time when we see that love is electricity. If we become aware of it as it is flowing into our unconscious and shadowy places, and into those endlessly created computer chips.

I have solved my mystery. The Modern Prometheus is a higher level of love and if electrify is fast, it is also explosive, it is also hot and gives of itself freely.  

As the dear Monster observed,

“The electrical stimulus travels down through the conduction pathways and causes the heart’s ventricles to contract and pump out blood. The 2 upper chambers of the heart (atria) are stimulated first and contract for a short period of time before the 2 lower chambers of the heart (ventricles).”

Intellect is so valuable but now comes the time of the heart brain.

I am observing bees outside my window and see that in a way they live the perfect life. They work and collect nectar. They transform it into form and home and community. They can change their sex if need be. This is the best symbol of electricity based on love.

Still the individual bees are important. Still the soul, spirit and psyche are there. To learn and grow.

“Dionysos…deep amethyst, crimson and wine-dark red, emerald and lapis…lavish velvets and brocades, the rich fur of a wildcat and the delicate warmth of the flower’s petal…He is the sap that bleeds from the tree and the golden viscosity of the gift of the mother bees—honey.”

 ~ Aguilar, A. Marina. Alchemy of The Heart: The Sacred Marriage of Dionysos & Ariadne. Chiron Publications. Kindle Edition.

How to Anchor This Energy in Your Psyche?

“I examined the natal planetary positions for many other similar Promethean figures. For example, I checked at once the case of Percy Bysshe Shelley, since he was so explicitly associated—even identified—with Prometheus, his Prometheus Unbound being the preeminent work on that figure in modern literature. If the thesis that Uranus was actually Prometheus had any validity, the birth chart of Shelley would provide the most obvious test case. I found that, in fact, Shelley was born with the Sun and Uranus in close conjunction.”

I am enrolled in Zodiac Art Boost Seminar taught by Mat Gleason ~ Coagula Curatorial.

Meeting artists is kind of thrilling, and I am learning from them. I hope good feelings all around are happening.

“You are being asked to claim some of the glorious wildness that can come only with the perspective of age. Time to drop the last stitch of the world’s phony clothes…”

I saw that Mat was offering the Seminar. I have known him for years and he has always been supportive of me. So, I took a bold jump and enrolled, returning my support of his creative endeavors. Now I am delighted and challenged. I am being drawn back to my interests in Astrology, art and building community again.

I have hidden from Zoom meetings in groups. It is so intimate and up front. I also took the seminar as a move towards socializing again. As an introvert it is easy for me to get lost in music, books, old films and interpreting my dreams.

Here is a classroom assignment that was asked of us. An Astrological Self Portrait of our favorite artists associated with planets in our solar system. I do feel brave again and so the future Zoom meetings have proven to be my colleagues of creativity.

Coagula SIte


liberté être en liberté

Image of Mom and Wall Art of my Watercolor Attis the Mantis… holy cheer!

Emperor Julian’s “Hymn to the Mother of Gods”[14] contains a detailed Neoplatonic analysis of Attis. In that work Julian says:

“Of him [Attis] the myth relates that, after being exposed at birth near the eddying stream of the river Gallus, he grew up like a flower, and when he had grown to be fair and tall, he was beloved by the Mother of the Gods. And she entrusted all things to him, and moreover set on his head the starry cap.”

[15] On this passage, the scholastic (Wright) says:

“The whole passage implies the identification of Attis with nature…cf. 162A where Attis is called ‘Nature,’ φύσις.”

~ Wright, Wilmer Cave (1913). The Works of the Emperor Julian. Vol. 1. London, New York: William Heinemann, The Macmillan Co. p. 461. ark:/13960/t5gb32365.


Everything goes…

A weird thing happened while I was watching the Alfred Hitchcock Hour last night. I watched The Photographer and the Undertaker (1965) episode, which I realized I had viewed before, but today it had a new meaning. As I watched the show, I also researched Jack Cassidy. He is the main character of the episode, a original Mad Man character actor. Jack was married to actress Shirley Jones.

After their divorce, he seemed to melt down into alcoholism and mental health issues. I am saddened by my research because to me he always seems like a sharp, upbeat, and intelligent swinger. He has a deep history in music and a brilliant acting career. It is his demise that shocked me.


In this episode, or story, Cassidy’s character is a photographer who gets wise to a scheme. Where he is the focus of a hit man. He is scheduled to be killed. Cassidy turns it around and catches the hit man at his own game and kills him instead. To cover the evidence, he burns his darkroom down. In the news it is confirmed the next day. The photographer was burned to death. Cassidy’s character collects the money from the man who hired the hit man and assumes a new life. A great story with some ironic twists and turns.

As I was watching the story unfold, I was thinking how clever Cassidy’s character was, and how he cheated death, something hit me hard. As I watched the flames burn the dark room and the hit man…. I realized something. At that moment I read something profound. Ten years later, in real life, this is how Jack Cassidy dies (1976).

“Cassidy returned to his apartment alone, by which time he was drunk, as he had consumed alcohol at various bars across West Hollywood that evening. In the early morning hours of December 12, Cassidy lit a cigarette and fell asleep on his Naugahyde couch. [11] He then dropped the cigarette, which ignited the couch. The flames quickly spread throughout the apartment and the building. [4] At 6:15 a.m., the blaze was discovered by Deputy Sheriff Jon Dimeter, who evacuated the building and entered Cassidy’s apartment. A charred corpse was found in the doorway of the apartment.”

I felt a terror overcome me. What a strange revelation to perceive. I quickly said a prayer for the man. Last night he whispered a short story in my heart of his ironic demise.

December flowers

Same say November 22 to December 21 is the sign Sagittarius … but Ophiuchus (November 30 – December 18th) is the 13th constellation. Even today, the staff of Asclepius – the symbol of the world health organization pays tribute to the constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer.

Some of my favorite people are born at this time.

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine the Narrative Documentary / Film.

I am happy this is a time in my life that continuing with what I have a passion for, my creativity and the love of a scene and fanzine calls for some good acknowledgement.

I guess it is better than I think. I know I can, I know I can…

A Happy HUD… Hudley Flipside

The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing.

Punk Rock Colleague & Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

So, I am back on LinkedIn because that is where the flow is going. Making new and old connections is fun and part of my enthusiasm, which is to do this as a way to see and hear and get involved with the current trends of life, media and creative endeavors of the right handed kind.

Also, to share what I am doing with my projects and who knows find something new.

One can still find friendship-intimacy here on the internet. I like that.

The Queen of Laurel Canyon

Punk Rock Colleague & Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

Viewing an episode of Carol Bennett at bedtime as part of my humorous dissent into the world of dreamland. I saw one with Mama Cass. I always love seeing her cameos. It dawned on me of how she died. Or so I was told years ago that made me sad.

Was told she died while eating a chicken [ham] sandwich. She choked to death.

That haunted me many a night. Yet I felt a strange awareness to look it up on my hand-held device of vast knowledge, or at least a place to find original sources.

And so, this triangular story emerged to my strange delight. A relationship between three talented artists that ran over a few generations, but which music still fills me with joy.

As those who grew up as a Generation Jones type of character within our moving along culture, these three artists have made an impact on us personally and or collectively.

When all we had were a few radio or TV channels to engage us. Or the local record store head shop, where we could spend our pennies.

I was easier then and we kind of were all on the same wavelength. Hidden and curious of what was going on around us. In tune with the songs often easy to hear everywhere.

I am touched by the intimacy which Harry Nilsson shared with both Keith Moon and Mama Cass. Like many popular and successful artists who get to travel the world but seem to navigate in the same hubs.

The narrative is well-documented and frankly it is something I just found out about a few days ago out of a flash of insight now backed up by the facts.

So, this Thanksgiving I am remembering and saying thank you to Mama Cass, Harry Nilsson, and Keith Moon. Three ghosts that came to visit who inspired generations with their songs. They are continuing on.

(Passed away at aged 32) Mama Cass, July 29, 1974 Mayfair, London, England

“But you gotta make your own kind of music

Sing your own special song

Make your own kind of music

Even if nobody else sings along.”

(Passed away aged 32) Keith Moon, 7 September 1978, Mayfair, London, England

“I know there’s a place you walked

Where love falls from the trees

My heart is like a broken cup

I only feel right on my knees

I spit out like a sewer hole

Yet still receive your kiss

How can I measure up to anyone now

After such a love as this?”

(Passed away aged 52) Harry Nilsson, January 15, 1994 Agoura Hills, California, U.S.

“Me and my Arrow

(Doodle-dee-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo)

Straighter than narrow

Wherever we go

Everyone knows

It’s me and my Arrow.”

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To find and seek, not so much anymore.

Dionysian Hollyhock and Morning Glory

I am saturated

Full of life

Books read


And words.

I don’t need

To find and seek

I found so much


My garage is full

I am content.

I don’t need to see bands

So much anymore.

I don’t need more than a pint.

I eat half of my food

It all is neat

How more clearer life is

I love to create

My passion is

But not filled with crazy hormones.

My anger is full

At injustice

But the seesaw will

Always go this way or that.

To D. Ecstasy ….


Je Souhaite, Episode aired May 14, 2000

Jinni money

“That’s the price that we all pay

And the value of destiny comes to nothing

I can’t tell you where we’re going

I guess there was just no way of knowing.”

Today I believe I am the jenii out of an episode of the X-Files.

A couple of weeks earlier I found forty bucks rolled up on the ground.

Today sitting in my local pub, I watched the world go by. I just received my 5th Covid-19 vaccine from Kaiser.

    “Mulder: What would your wish be if you were in my place?

    Jenn: I’m not you. It doesn’t matter.

    Mulder: No, but I just, you know, I’d like to know.

    Jenn: I wish that I’d never heard the word “wish” before. I’d wish that I could live my life moment by moment, enjoying it for what it is instead of worrying about what it isn’t. I’d sit down somewhere with a great cup of coffee, and I’d watch the world go by.”

A freedom. No phone.

My Nutty Burnett

A Pint instead of a coffee.

What is on my mind are all the ugly apartments built along the streets.

The San Fernando Valley is a mixture of apartments, the homeless and cars.

A strange hopelessness is in the fast air.

A cruelty place where there are too many manifesting cars. No planning, just more building.

Across from the old Rocketdyne is a homeless camp. In the far-flung distance one sees the massive apartment building just built during a pandemic and drought here in California.

Out of reach for these homeless people. Apartments built that no one is leasing.

So, I finished my free meal today, a pint of beer and appetizer of Ahi Poke paid for by jinni money.

“I used to think that the day would never come

I’d see delight in the shade of the morning sun

My morning sun is the drug that brings me near

To the childhood I lost, replaced by fear

I used to think that the day would never come.

That my life would depend on the morning sun.”

Heavy Receptivity Octopus Rock

Punk Rock Colleague & Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

Revealing Art form The netherworld… captured by Hudley.

“What is underway is a Plutonian process of change at a cellular level. Kali, the Great Dark Mother, demands that here and now we have the strength to be with what is. To learn radical receptivity to darkness.

Pluto brings to the surface ideas and attitudes that are past their expiration date in order for them to be let go- that is the matrix of transformation and regeneration.”



“The subterranean is a bottomless pit
The vinyl vultures are after it
Moulten lava, sulphur vapours
Smoulder on to obligerate us.”

“You’ve got me pretty deep, baby
Can’t figure out your watery love
I gotta solve your mystery
Sitting it out in heaven above”


In my neighborhood I know of a place

I know of a place,

In my neighborhood,

Where the Goddess is.

A tall cypress tree,

Taller than a mature,

California Palm tree.

It’s tip top,

Into the heavens,

As I perceive also,

The God Attis plays,

As the fulfillment of nature.

Freedom and beauty,

As you look up up,

From a distance.

Dark sparkling perfume,

Glowing green,

Weaving and mingling,

With the wild ivy,

Filled with blooms,

Small blossoms,

Circular and pointed,

Illuminated and clothed by bees,

Humming is the swarm,

Of their glories,

Their love bees.

Love Is a Burning Thing.

Punk Rock Colleague & Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

“Ring of Fire” is a song made popular by Johnny Cash when it appeared on his 1963 album Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash. Written by Cash’s eventual second wife, June Carter Cash, and Merle Kilgore, it was originally recorded as “(Love’s) Ring of Fire” by June’s sister, Anita Carter, on her 1963 album Folk Songs Old and New.

The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet
I fell for you like a child
Oh, but the fire went wild

I fell in to a burning ring of fire
Went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire
The ring of fire.

A couple days ago while moving from the garage to the house while setting up Halloween decorations husband announced

“Watch out see the small lizard?”
I looked down and saw a very small one with a very long tail. It had a reddish orange line on its back and knew I was seeing a salamander.

Symbolically bringing up the mythology of fire. Then I thought about the Annular Eclipse this October 14, 2023. Well, that is a nice synchronicity.

I don’t know about you reader, but yes, I have been very emotional fiery the last few weeks. Wars and politics on the world stage can fire us all up.

Ring of Fire

This song came up into my brain today that brings in an element we all need to focus on when we look at the Solar ring of fire annular eclipse, this electric element is the “world is love.”

Fire, love and electricity and the foresight and continuity of life can be a group focus. I will be watching this event this Saturday by way of the Weather Channel. Maybe have a beer or shot of Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey.