Pokémon a Go Go


Charmander my first one today…

Last night the kids hit the streets looking for Pokémon ! I was not really into the whole thing, even though my oldest son grew up and knew all the players ! The first movie I took oldest son to see was the first Pokémon movie, Pikachu’s Summer Vacation. A delightful cartoon animation and an enjoyable new experience for the both of us ! His generation grew up with Pokémon, The Matrix, Lord of The Rings And Harry Potter. He read the books and played the games. It is natural that his buddies, and my youngest son, would enjoy this new phenomena socially! It is cool they are gathering at places with other Pokémon enthusiasts!

It reminds me when my buddies and I hit the streets. We cruised Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys Ca. ! We drove up and down the Blvd. with a loud car radio blaring! We gathered with others socially too and made new friends. (before gang, drug or cop problems) I see that my kids’ generation has a new thing going! I joined in and already caught two Pokémon. I may not get into this stuff as I did cruising Van Nuys Blvd in the ’70s, but it is free and kinda fun as cruising was! It is not hurting anyone!

Van Nuys Boulevard Cruising: Early 1970s


Slowly hating August as it comes.

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The sun let’s go slowly each night. Jupiter appears all of a sudden in the twilight. In the distance dark tree leaves shimmer in between as light twilight flows as a river; breathing, dancing moving as the sun dies this day.

“Hello Jupiter!” All reflected down below in a common blue pool.

Surprise. A new light next to Jupiter silently sustains in the twilight sky. Opening slowly a pulling glow. It is gone. No trail, no sound to its presence there.

Just in the remembrance here.






Spirals and circle eights

Cowardice is the lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc. I think we all have times when we experience this type of behavior. I admire others, and myself, who stand tall and cross the line, regardless. Yet, there are times when cowardice can be a dark projection from others.  I think every time we become aware of these feelings we should stop and listen to them. Not do what others say we should do, but what we feel is the right thing to do for us.  

Dragon Fly

I was in pain. My head ached. I knew my blood pressure was high. I was hot too. Early in the morning I went to the pool. I stood up to my waist in the cool water. I viewed rounded water ripples radiating out from me.  The water hit the side of the pool, across from me, and the ripples radiated back to me. What a simple thing to notice this morning. At one time the two ripples rippled and met together, a joining. I am sure there is a mathematical equation that oldest son might know, yet I am happy to just see it as something predictable but unique.

 I viewed a dragon-fly flying circle eights over me and then around the pool. Spirals and circle eights over and over again is the dance of the single dragon-fly. Then quickly, in the wink of an eye, the dragon-fly touched the water with a slight pinch. The dragon-fly took just enough water, in moderation, as not to fall into the water. How delicate and beautiful is the dragon-fly. Dragon-fly did this many times as it danced around the pool.

Even though my head was still in pain, I was instantly refreshed  when I dived into the cold water,   My cowardice feeling, to not dive into the pool, was overtaken by my own will to feel better. Then as I swan to the other end of the pool, I saw a large dark moth floating dead on the water.

I intuitively can still  hear the lesson that nature whispered in my heart at that moment.  It is time for me to be as the moderate dragon-fly. Avoiding the life of an overindulging black moth. There was a time when overindulgence was fun and exciting. Now I shall try to dance spirals and circle eights.  A slight pinch  or sweet sips from life will have to do.


Selling art and publishing words



Trump Pinata got demolished…  phone was not taking clear pictures… not a clue why?

I spent a good part of my life promoting and writing about creative people. Not so much in the last few years though. Putting yourself out there, in front of the public, is not an easy thing to do. I did not know how uneasy it can be until I did it for myself. I am even more impressed by those who have the guts to express themselves in this way. As a behind the scene kind of character… I just needed to address this insight.


Also I am happy to share that I sold one of my favorite paintings recently. Letting it go was not easy to do either. Yet, it is a move in a good direction for me.

Praying Mantis 1

Thank you to Nate and Julie Dillon for purchasing Christmas Mantis ink-water color at the Punk Rock Swap meet in Canoga Park.

IMG_3053Had a great time and enjoyed the atmosphere and continuity of friends.


Tough guy Louis VideoLouis Elovitz will get your image…


Ha Ha very funny….

Something is terribly wrong with this image… off… yet the shadow is a nasty fool…

Meet The Flopside Family



Mr Fuck finger

We can free Prometheus…ourselves !!

Prometheus Unbound, man is defined as “one harmonious soul of many a soul, whose nature is its own divine control.”~ The Selected Poetry and Prose of Shelley edited, with introduction, by Carlos Baker.

“… Poetry strengthens the faculty which is the organ of the moral nature of man [imagination] in the same manner as exercise strengthens a limb.” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

“The secret of morals,” says the essayist, “Is love; or a going out of our own nature, and an identification of ourselves with the beautiful which exists in thought, action, or person, not our own. A man, to be greatly good, must imagine intensely and comprehensively…The great instrument of moral good is the imagination: and poetry administers to the effect [ moral good] by acting upon the cause [imagination].’ Poetry enlarges the circumstance of the imagination by replenishing it with thoughts of ever new delight, which have the power of attracting and assimilating to their own nature all other thought.” ~ Shelley


mama supervisor


Got the house all ready for a house full of boys. Seems I have spent most of my years in a house full of boys. Mostly, boys like my three brothers and their friends. Later, a house full of crazy young wild men, and now my own kids. It seems I am like that; I function well in an environment of guys. I do my thing and they can do theirs. Now, I am the mama supervisor if they need some advice on how hot the oil should be when they deep fry their bacon wrapped hot dogs with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey BBQ sauce. I am laid back like the autonomy of a cat; observant and not interested, but alert if need be… always friendly… sometimes.

Some of my best memories on 4th of July is the watermelon filled with liquor, lamb on the BBQ, and dad dancing to Gary Glitter – Rock and Roll. We would put dad’s German Radio outside and turn it up loud. (I’ve written about this before)  Fun times. Oh yes, the miniature cannon that shot gum powder, damn loud and nasty fun.


FLopside editorial confusion…

Even “more than asshole” people make some good points… global economy or USA economy… this is a complicated and tricky question. Agendas are secretive and sensitive, profitable to some, political, debatable, and this is a fucking sucky editorial.

Taxes vs corporations, taxes vs “WE the people”, cheep labor in other countries and empty streets, no work for US citizens.

It is not that bad, it is not that good… but politics suck because we have to remember to look into the real agendas behind the politics…

bad guys are good guys… and good guys are bad guys… confusion…



to deprive a woman from her kitchen….

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Last night we were watching some CNN history book program. Unfortunately, I continued to listen to the next author’s memoir of his personal days with Ronald Reagan and side kick Nancy. I try to keep an open mind about these things. Oh boy, did I hear some amazing lies. What really got me thinking was what this speaker said about Ronald’s side kick Nancy. I guess, a media shot was needed that would project her as a housewife, or as a supporting and loving wife, who cooked in the kitchen. The story told was kind of said and kind of funny. It seems that side kick Nancy would not pose for her picture because she would not put on,  or wear, an apron. This is what she said…

“Me cook, I never cooked a meal in my life!”

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My mouth opened and I drooled a bit. It seems amazing to me.  A truth that not many people would know about.

Side kick Nancy, actress, mother and wife…

never cooked a meal in her life.

I understand while living in the White House one’s needs are taken care of. Tax payers do pay for chefs, janitors, maids etc. It comes with the territory. I guess, this means she most likely never cleaned a toilet either?? (drum roll… and bang)

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I plan, shop, cook and clean up for all of the meals in my home. I pay my taxes too. A mere weed and peasant I am; I am…
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Hudley the kitchen witch…


When the ladies

They lay in my garden stretched out naked, looking like fairy queens, sylphs, nymphs or sirens.  

It was a big day. Promoter Posh Boy was coming to the house with an all-girl band. I arranged a room to use as a decision place and for video production. It was the work that I was ready for, to produce a music video.

When the ladies arrived with Posh Boy I was taken back on how diverse they all were from each other. One looked like a punk princess and another like a heavy metal queen. One looked like a 17-year-old Tina Turner and one like a colorful anime cartoon. The four of them seemed pretentious and demanding.

Posh Boy pulled out a big silver spoon and a large hypodermic needle with a huge mound of white stuff. I told them that there could not do that stuff in the house. They rolled their eyes and went outside in the garden.

While they were outside I noticed that the living room was now filled with water and small yellow water balloons floating on top.  It felt soft. I was floating on air too. I  went outside to gather the ladies for a talk and suggest some ideas about the video. I saw them outside and  it was a strange image to grasp. They lay in my garden stretched out naked, looking like fairy queens, sylphs, nymphs or sirens.  It was like a poem, surreal and amazing to witness. They were part of the earth and one held up her arm as lady of the lake.

“And ne er did Grecian chisel trace A Nymph, a naiad or a grace Of finer form or lovelier face…….” ― Walter Scott, The Lady of the Lake

We all moved back into the house where I advised them on some topics of syncing music with their movement.  One of the ladies that looked like a young Tina Turner told me this,

“I have my own movements… like this,” and she danced with a strange movement of her own.

“OK, I think I would like to have all of you doing you own movements while shooting this video. We will focus on each one of you in the music video.”

My dream faded away … another summer dream under Pluto…