A Pervert Ghost: Flopside Comics Suck…it is a cinch!!

Did you ever notice how on ghost shows on TV and Netflix that every town, no matter how small or big, has a Parapsychology business? If your town does not, I suggest you start one.

Number one, you must have a lot of technical stuff that beeps and says things like, “Get Out” or “Help me.”
Number two, you must have really unaware investigators that look at everything like a three-year old child. Yes it is fun to play with your invisible friend, but wait he does not look like my friend anymore?
Don’t get me wrong I love those ghost shows. The outline of the shows, the pattern of haunting is very basic and similar. How to get rid of ghosts does not take much, except if ya get a Priest (Their education is just a few classes above moron).
All you would need is a good psychic, a Wiccan and also a local holy medicine person. Then please get someone who can actually qualify as a researcher into town records and past & local news. Then… it is a cinch!!

Time to call the West Hills PCOFGE:

Parapsychology Can Out Fucking Ghosts Everyday.


Mr. Fuck and the Pervert Ghost
Mr. Fuck and the Pervert Ghost

 We are on our way Baby Cheeks!