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Chinatown Punk Wars

Ed Kuepper from The Saints (public domain image)

In the late 1970s, two Chinese restaurants became the unlikely epicenter of L.A.’s burgeoning punk scene. The emerging music form featured fast-paced songs and hard-edged melodies with anti-capitalist messaging. As told through interviews with John Doe (X), Alice Bag (The Bags), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag, OFF!), and Martin Wong (Save Music in Chinatown).

Another documentary about the early punk scene and Los Angeles / China Town. If you want to get a general full and in real time read of this early punk scene by a fanzine that captured it. There is Los Angeles Flipside Fanizne # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue. The many early punk voices who created a growing scene.

Lived 1977 – 2002.

Fanzine, Records and Live Videos.

Interview with Rodney Bingenheimer, “Rodney on the ROQ, a radio program that ran on the Los Angeles rock station KROQ-FM” by Pooch and Larry Lash for Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 5 December 1977

All the bands and hands in the cookie jar, punk wise….

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“The Go-Go’s played a Flipside Fanzine benefit night at the Hong Kong Café in Chinatown. I saw Belinda from the Go-Go’s sitting outside the club on a bench all by herself. It was dark and there she was looking at me as though waiting for me to approach her to talk. She was beautiful and very calm. I like how she was then, round and plump. I always thought she was so feminine. Damn it I wish I had talked to her that night, but I was hanging with the Flipside gang and only looked at her as I walked by.

She had a slight smile on her face as though somehow passing on a look of mutual respect. That moment is burned in my memory as if played in slow motion every time I think of it. I think Belinda liked what I was wearing, a purple velour mini dress with mod black and white checked boots. I regret not saying hello to her. I was so shy on the inside even though I was anything but shy on the outside; maybe she was just as shy as I was.

Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Midget Handjob and Off) was there at the benefit. He was drunk (as most of us were.) Keith was complaining about the price of the drinks at the club. Then he asked if I wanted a beer. He pulled a can of beer out of his pants and gave it to me. Keith said he had a six-pack hidden down his pants and it was getting cold. He said that his balls were frozen. I never laughed so hard in my life and enjoyed the beer.”

~My Punkalullaby By Hudley Flipside

GO To The Garden

New category for posts that concur with the many film-doodles I do.

Film Doodling by Hudely Flipside

It is the creative endeavor that is real and mine to share.  

I love my garden and am so close to the ways of nature. Yet as a human being I endure the other man-made things. It is a life I was born to. Yet I think we can learn the power of nature by listening and hoping for the best to inspire us to be better human beings.

I think there is a relationship with how nature is and us in general. Our feelings and emotions.

Yet often even though nature speaks to us we don’t listen.

As I am a listener and follow the ways of ancient traditions I like to share.

Creatively embracing and helping for a better world.

Wild ways, music and nature are how I endure and so it goes.

Berlin is on my mind…

An unknown German Punk with Mom.

On Monday I watched Rachel on MSMBC and the first word out of her mouth was Berlin.

Rachel Maddow looks at a murder in Berlin, Germany that U.S. officials believe was a Russia-sanctioned assassination and notes that Russia’s past reticence to commit killings in Western countries appears to have faded, raising concerns about the recently outed Russian spy living in the United States.”

Then the weekend before I was watching an old TCM film. And a friend on Facebook said she did not have TCM and would love to have it. I then thought to myself I would sure love to go to Berlin, but I just cannot. As I looked up to the TV screen, I heard, from the 1932 film Back Street, Walter Saxel say,

“Would you like me to take you to Berlin?”

I said yes. And realize this synchronicity only rubs me the erroneous way out of anticipation.

Then to really get my goat last night I was watching one show on TV. One of my late-night bedtime rituals. The continuity of watching an episode of the sitcom Hogan’s Heroes. Of course, the whole focus tonight was on Berlin.

“Bad Day in Berlin”

“Hogan’s Heroes: Season 4, Episode 11″Hogan’s Heroes” Bad Day in Berlin (TV Episode 1968).”

Again, Berlin is on my mind. I googled and read about it and reflected on its history.

Currently it is for me about the good feeling of accomplishments and the rewards of following a project through to its end. It is what it is but seems my psyche is having fun playing with me through multiple synchronicities. 

Maybe a nice finish with an Oktoberfest beer this weekend.

Brings me to this image that Dad took of a Berlin punk and Mom in the 1980s, they were traveling and visited Berlin.

I asked them to hand out Flipside Fanzines on their many journeys abroad. As a military WWII veteran, he got to travel with the military modestly. So, they did.

Holding Integrity Up

A current adventure with our internet service and adjourning phone line is my issue today.

I’ve been paying the same amount since we set up the service. I then noticed September’s bill increase by about twenty dollars.

I called my service to ask why in August after I got the bill. It was explained to me that the company decided to up an overall five dollar increase to all their customers who use their phone service. This of course increased many other things. The dynamo increase of those pesky taxes too.

So I nicely had the phone taken off our plan. I talked to a nice representative and technician who did the work and told me that September’s bill would decrease, and I would pay less.

I told the representative,

“I only receive robot calls from the same companies and scams. I then must play the nasty game of telling them I am from Mars.”

She laughed at that and understood.

I know the bill is due today and had not received a notice or new bill. I went online to see our bill, and nothing had changed. So, in my little “good grief,” I called the server back once more.

I was told in an argumentative debate that they base their bills on “prorating” the past month.

“The practice of prorating can apply in many areas, from billing for services to paying out dividends or allocating business partnership income. Pro rata is calculated by dividing the instance of an item by the maximum quantity of that item. This ratio can then be applied to any related item to find the same proportion.”

I told this person that is not what I was told. They told me when I cancelled the service that I would not have to pay the full amount and then I would receive a new bill for September.

They did the run around or indirectly blamed me for not listening to them. Yet I felt like they were not listening to me and trying to get me to agree with them even though my guts knew they were bold face liars. 

I think I talked to a supervisor who was the same. So, after some debate she told me she would do me a favor and give me a onetime discount waiver.

“I sure had to work hard for those twenty dollars.”

I paid the whole bill anyway out of that shadowy doubt of guilt.

I called back again to see if in fact I got that waiver and if in fact the phone line was cancelled.

The new representative told me that it was all good and told me how my bill next month included the waiver. This means I got my money back.

I told the conversation I had with another representative who told me that I would have to pay the full amount this month due to the word “prorating.”

She then told me an amazing thing. That they do not do that and that they go by each month. So, I was in fact told a lie. We laughed over it, and I filed a complaint that did go forward to the other representative. I felt good about that.

This new representative had style. She told me to look on my bill on page four and so I did and read this,

“… in accordance with the…. Conditions of Service, …. Services are billed on a monthly basis.”

Yes, no mention of prorating.

I had a wonderful moment.

The moral of this real-life experience is this, if you don’t say something and just let someone else tell you something else for you to believe, believe in yourself first. Don’t be bullied, influenced, or rejected without following through to the wonderful conclusion in believing in yourself.

1972 a very good year…

Sadly, they have lost their dignity and grace. A FLOPSIDE COMIC read by our silent consultant Old Man Joe

Mr. FUck and Mr. ShIt are so bitchin’ man… they like to hang out and have fun..

NOt a FLipside COmic Mr. SHit but a FLOPSIDE COMIC>>>>>>

Old Man Joe was recorded in our bomb shelter…. he was so happy to read for us at FLOPSIDE COmics... he usually is the silent one of integrity, wicked smarts and cantankerous ways…

As he said,

“From one old fool to some others…”

Sadly, they have lost their dignity and grace.

McConnell appears to freeze while speaking with reporters in Kentucky.

Feinstein’s fall was described as a minor slip and did not involve steps or stairs.

We at FLOPSIDE Comics must make this editorial. We have talked to Hudley, and she agrees.

She has worked at nursing homes and as a Home Health Aide.

We all hold great respect for the ageing.

Yet there is a time when one needs to take off the sheath of power to let others who are more apparently resilient and healthier take their place.

As a California Senator and as the minority Senate leader.

Democrats and Republicans can agree to something as profoundly real as this. We like the fact that when an issue crosses the line, reaching across the Aisle of politics, and both parties have a common issue to deal with, this real issue of poor health and age.

It is a reality we all face if we live long enough. They are not Queens or Kings but elected to serve their time with dignity and grace.

Yet now is the time, for both of them, to step down with dignity and grace.

A nether payment.

A nether payment.

It was not one that I made. It was pending and was sent. I contacted the payee, and they after five days processed the payment. I asked them to send the money back because my bank had a glitch. Now I am waiting to process a single payment.

It has been four days. Two to five days is the given time for either or both major companies to process an electronic payment.

I talked to my oldest son who is a computer engineer. A cowboy coder who works for a major company. He told me that once money is sent to the “Q” then the money must stand in line to be processed. One at a time.

Kind of like standing in line at some crazy carnival. Until they are processed. The processor may be a big, massive computer or maybe not so big.

He said banks and mortgage companies usually don’t have the best processors like big tech companies.

I mailed a physical package on the same day I had the money reversed and the physical package got there already.

I got a call from my friend telling me so.

Yet still my money is lost in the interval.

The processing interval of money.


I am worried, my money may get lost in the electronic netherworld, and may never leave the place beneath the earth.

Red Red Wine- Still Need A Soul.

Punk Rock Colleague & Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

All About a song one to the next …

Early 1980s

I remember this song playing on every Jukebox in town and on MTV.

It was a song that bubbled up from the 1960s.

I enjoy both renderings of the song.

I was driving when this song came on my car radio today.

It brings those long nights back of beer and pizza joints before shows at local clubs in the 1980s.

UB40 was one of those bands that formed and reached fast fame. A fun band capturing a generation !

Red Red Wine is a Neil Diamond song that lingered but was not as popular as the 1980s version but has since emerged as a classic song !

I like when a song emerges eternally through generations!

The broken heart sings over issues like this one, and eternally it will sing about …

“Red, red wine goes to my head
Makes me forget that I still need her so.”

I once thought it was sung as “still need a soul.”

UB40 recorded a cover version in 1983 that went to No. 1 in the UK and was moderately successful in the United States. It was rereleased in 1988 and went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot

“Red Red Wine” is a song originally written, performed and recorded by American singer Neil Diamond in 1967 that appears on his second studio album, Just for You. The lyrics are written from the perspective of a person who finds that drinking red wine is the only way to forget his woes.