A Terrible Threat

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“Walk on the Wild Side” is a Lou Reed song from his 1972 second solo album Transformer. David Bowie produced it. The song received wide radio coverage, despite its touching on taboo topics such as transsexualism, drugs, male prostitution, and oral sex. In the United States, RCA released the single using an edited version of the song without the reference to oral sex.

Being weird is always a terrible threat! A wonderful and eternal weirdo place way to be!! RIP Lou Reed!!

“For indiscriminate empathy, which is characteristic of Neptune, we often try to make this into a very exclusive and discriminating empathy for him alone. We can see the same kind of mechanism at work here that is suggested by a Uranus-Saturn contact. Even if the individual is not expressing Neptune in a particularly conscious way–and few do expect through the creative media of music or theater–this lucid and magical quality will be apparent to the person whose Saturn is affected. It is an entrancing quality while it is a terrible threat for although Neptune seems to say, “I completely understand and love and accept you, he will say the same to everyone indiscriminately.” ~ Liz Greene

When I was 14 years old the song Walk on the Wild Side was the hit song of a generation. The song reached mass appeal. I was not aware of The Velvet Underground or Andy Warhol during the sixties but by 1972 Lou Reed reached the place of “creative media of music,” where he would say “the same to everyone.”  I hated this song because the song began with my name. The kids at school already labelled me as a weirdo.

 “Hey Holly want to take a walk on the wild side…hahahah!!”

 Quiet and shy I took the bullying. Little did I know that in a few years I would be walking into a similar underground music scene that Lou Reed climbed out of; a creative flowing rebellious world of freedom, music, art, dark streets, and clubs! I would be promoting a world of youthful Rock & Roll that, sometimes, does not age; only personally when we die at an age past forty something!!

 When I hear Walk on the Wild Side I smile now, a song, because I did take a walk on the wild side. Being weird is always a terrible threat! A wonderful and eternal weirdo place way to be!!

The reminder of death..
The reminder of death.. by Hudley Flipside

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