I remember for 20 buck I could buy a wardrobe of clothing: mix and match fashion and then add something of my own.

Fashion is superficial. The competitive world of contemporary fashion bores me. I rebel against it. Yet now the fashion industry has taken that rebellious look and ripped it off and now reproduces it in India or Mexico; taking the sacredness away from its clothing message. This is always the case. It is the matter of quality over quantity. Lots of women dress to be a fuckable target for men. Let them. There was a time, as stated in many fairy tales, where it was a woman’s life to weave the family clothing. As soon as they could little girls learned to weave.

“So this is what they did with their time?” Little lamb said to her mama.

“Yes, but it left time to dream!”

“What did they dream of?”

“They dreamed of weaving golden threads and finding a beautiful Prince?”

“Is that all?”

“No they also planned out their day.”

Hope is the golden thread that should be woven into every experience of life, ” and fashion sucks!!


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