By Hudley

Posted on November 23, 2017

To all the wild things that know us

When we walk in their fields

Or on their hills!

A day of thanksgiving

A history of the land

A call from the wild…

As I meditate upon

The four directions

Of the medicine wheel…

My comrades and allies,

Coyote surprised me with a story

One that brought happy tears

To my eyes…

Coyote said,

“I have known you longer

Before you came to this

Native song of life…

I knew you as a child

I smelled you in the weeds

As you fell and rolled

Down tall green grass

as a laughing youth…

I knew your favorite trees

you expertly climbed

I rested near the rocky hills

where you dreamed

Reflecting thin white crystals…

I knew the places where you rode

on a white horse

The rugged trails you blazed

through the large sage mountains

That rolled with scented fennel

to the sound of the sea…

At night you heard us singing

I called to you

I scared you

I woke you up

with a screaming ascending yelp


Sharing the mysteries of life…

One-night years ago

I walked right next

to the car door of

The man you would marry

I sized him up…

He remembers!

Now the story is clear

I have known you

longer then you

have known of me…

I also sang this story

to the visiting raccoons

remembering you now

as a wild friend

I told them our story

The nature of a lifelong song…”

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