Perfect fat blanket of roundness !!

Blogging my block. May 20 2014.

Earth Mother Of Laussel, 25,000 B.C.E.

Blogging my Block…I can do this by the neighbors I watch go by my little computer room. They usually walk fast, jog or gaze into their hand-held devices. The gutters and sidewalks are plentifully watered even though there is a draught here in sunny southern California. My block expands outward as one long drive. The archetypal informed synchronicity motif that reflects back to me today is of mother and babe, or round bellies on woman. My neighborhood block extends via a car traveling over a 45 minute drive and back.

I looked to my right and viewed a mother and her child waiting at a bus stop. They were across three lanes of traffic but we were gazing at each other. The mother, child and I. This archetypal embrace moved me. The child rested and covered her mother’s belly.

I was transported to a small Spanish community. The little girl was smiling at me and I smiled back.

I too remember taking the bus, for years, with oldest son as a child. I miss the rhythm of the bus and the soft talk of travelers. It was good to not take on the stress of competitive driving on California roads and the merging blocks. Now I try to resist the need to compete on the road. Instead I focus my will on the communing of driving.  A type of happy gas, metal, synthetic plastic party of

we are all in this together!!

Next a mile or two later I witness another mother and child in a car behind me. This mother was looking in her rear view mirror. She raised her hands and clapped while singing to her baby in the back car seat. A car engine covered this mother’s belly. Then traffic picked up and everything went to a dash of the fast.

Ten more miles down Nordhoff blvd and I embraced the mother daughter motif again.  Another mother and child waiting at a bus stop. This mother was older and the daughter was a teenager. Their figures were round as a Mother of Willendorf. A 30,000 B.C.E. image thrilled my gaze. In contrast to the women who jog, run and walk fast: these two woman taking the bus projected an ancient symbol of the oldest image we have of humanity and of women. This is good because a flat belly was not the fashion statement back then.

I had a conversation the other day with oldest son about my belly and losing weight. I told him that it is what I feel in my belly that I value. As the “Luminous Pear,” “Sea of vitality,” and the “Pearl of Great Price.” My round belly gives me insight, foresight and warnings.

As my belly grows so do the gifts. Why would I want to get rid of all of my belly gifts? Mine is at a perfect fat blanket of roundness now!!


The archetypal informed synchronicity Pg 68 from Richard Tarnas’s book; Cosmos and Psyche.
“Luminous Pear,” “Sea of vitality,” and the “Pearl of Great Price.” Pg. 14 from Lisa Sarasohn: The Belly book.

5 thoughts on “Perfect fat blanket of roundness !!

  1. In Buddhism, we talk about having a “fire in the belly.” This means your strength comes from a place deep in your gut, so it’s sad to hear people (both men and women) talk of wanting to “blast” or get rid of their bellies.

    1. Thank you… it seems to me when I contrast the general public to images in the movies and on magazines…. it is not the same general image I see. It is relative to the evolution and the continuity of what it is to be a normal woman in the scheme of life…and over generations…