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Robert Dean Stockwell (March 5, 1936 – November 7, 2021)

Punk rock Debunked …I remember hearing Darby Crash say his father was the kid with green hair who was in the film The Boy with Green hair.

I thought it was funny, Yet I heard the gossip spread around as things tend to. Well currently while I was studying a particular actor that I like, not only did I find that he was an environmental activist, but that he was in fact the boy who played the part.

Dean Stockwell was the kid with green hair who played the boy in the film The Boy with Green Hair. He played a lot of acting parts as a kid. I think he is so fun to see through his years of films and TV series. He was the best of character actors.

1968… wow I remember this like yesterday… at 10 years old. I remember all the flower children. Topanga Canyon to the PCH. We would hang out and watch them… endlessly on the streets. It was so real… more than a film …. but it does bring back memories. I have nothing against flower children or hippies… they were pretty cool. Which is why I am a pacifist to this day. One of my brothers was a flower child for as long as the scene lasted.

Going to San Francisco in the early 1980s hippies would still walk up and ask if you wanted some acid. Also taking the subway in San Jose old hippies still were living the life. They smelled bad and were not too curious about the young punks around them. Sometimes you could start up a conversation.

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