Losing two buddies over a weeks’ time is a bit much to take as ridiculous dumb asses charge our capital and covid19 gobbles people up! What a crazy time.

Yet this is about a friend who has been around for a long time. Katz swam in the same scene as I and knows many of the same characters and players. I always enjoyed his pictures he put up on Facebook. Often, they were selfies of him, and some interesting females from one of his outings. I asked him for one too, yet I am past my babe days. I as he, gave each other a hard time yet I can tell we respected our perspectives on life. That is what keeps me bound to the underground and/or punk scene, such unique and colorful characters with minds and creativity that makes life good.

I remember we had a heated debate about a song… it was about love, being an outsider and other stuff. My son and his friends and music all a roundabout, inclusive and far reaching with songs. We often had such debates. I will not go into politics, but I was very shocked at his demise. Anyway, this is the song that we debated about, you come to your own conclusion. This is my creative endeavor to have the image I never got from him, yet I hope it will get his goat and make him smile if he comes floating by from the ether. We can have another good laugh.

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine 48 1986