I realized that my bosoms had the power to make music!


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Blanche:  I was never a night person neither, until I blossomed into young womanhood and realized I was even more devastating’ by moonlight.

Dorothy:  Of course.

Blanche: I will never forget the night I made that discovery.  It was during the Spring cotillion.  I was wearing a long white dress and my first push-up bra.  And Bobby Buck McAllister and I were enjoying a glass of punch on the veranda when a beam of moonlight hit my cleavage.  Suddenly, the band began to play.  It was at that moment that I realized that my bosoms had the power to make music!

Dorothy:  Didn’t Bette Midler win a special Grammy for that?

~ The Golden Girls, 1.25 – The Way We Met

When the sexy older girls came by, I was often left up the tree or sliding down the hill on my own.

It is comforting watching The Golden Girls, because as an older woman I am entering that place; the place where a woman’s body changes. All experience, nurturing and sex somehow is devalued in this youthful patriarchal culture when one becomes an older woman. It is not our fault!! It is written in our DNA. Yet, against all odds a television series challenged this damage to the feminine ego and won. The Golden Girls is something to be reckoned with. When I watch it, it is as if visiting with old friends, or maybe my mother or grandmother…wait is that me in the mirror? Yes, if we survive, we all will reach this place.

I feel the prejudice against me. I felt this against me when I was 12 years old, and I was not mature enough. As a tom-boy I could outrun, climb, and play sports better than most boys. When the sexy older girls came by, I was often left up the tree or sliding down the hill on my own.

When I was 15 that all changed. My DNA and hormones gave me a body that got me a date every night of the week. I still felt a prejudice. I did not speak or when I did no one listened. My body was seeking love, but sex rules these youthful years. As when they divided up the drive-ins in my hometown. Once a big screen became 6 screens. I went out with a different guy each night and saw all the films in the drive in. For a year or two. Until I wised up and left that scene. A film expert or something else?

As the years passed, I spent less time thinking about my body as I developed my mind. Most of the time I found myself out thinking most guys but the girls that used their sex appeal always seemed to get the upper edge. Now I see older guys going for younger women a lot these days. More sex appeal instead of experience or intelligence is what these guys get. Like my Casanova brothers have found out, the young girls are very slim pickings when you hit sixty… unless you got the big bucks.

As you get older; sex appeal, intelligence, money, and experience: all boils down to companionship when it comes to an authentic relationship. This is the theme and focus of The Golden Girls. They nurture my feminine ego… and right now I really need it!!


This is an ongoing reflection about being a woman, breasts and getting older. It is a dialogue with our 4th chakra. The place where a generation of women are now dealing with issues such as nurturing, being nurtured; breast and lung cancer …

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