The Music that plays from a Supermarkets’ PA System

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Sue And Holly 1976

A moment can be an eternity some say. Then before you know it those moments add up and a whole lot of time has passed you by. I caught my son by the ear today and told him some of my moments. He looked at me and smiled. His moments are a lot slower than mine were at his age. He is sheltered in his room during a terrible pandemic as our lame duck President has been impeached for a second time. When I was 20 years old, I was already married running a fanzine and supporting a music scene. On my own with not a care and my moments were filled. College online in your bedroom is not all that different though. I ran my business in a bedroom converted into an office and I did spend a lot of my time typing on some sort of evolving machine. He games online with his older brother and buddies. I went to shows all night with mine.

Today I told my youngest son a story about a couple songs. I have my little shopping market in the San Fernando Valley that is not filled with people and has everything we need. It is like walking back into the 1970s because the music is relative to that period when moments are music from the radio.

I walked in the market and a Grand Funk (Railroad) song started to play. My first 45 I got for my 15th birthday., “We’re an American Band” was released on July 2, 1973.

“We’re an American band

We’re an American band

We’re comin’ to your town

We’ll help you party it down

We’re an American band.”

As I was leaving the song Honky Cat started to play. The song is off Elton John’s Honky Château album. It was released 1972. By the time I was in High School this song was enjoyed by my inner circle of friends. Moments in 1975 of pot and vinyl during after High School get togethers.

“When I look back

Boy, I must have been green

Boppin’ in the country

Fishin’ in a stream

Lookin’ for an answer

Tryin’ to find a sign

Until I saw your city lights

Honey, I was blind.”

I think this little Super Market has foresight and reflection and speaks to me through songs. It is alive like something out of the Twilight Zone….

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