Is out, new price and cover!

To Ride A Painted Pony Wild

I remember when films came out and played around for a few years. They would hit the big movie houses and then the smaller ones. They would play the drive-ins and then at the special theaters that played two or three films. The films continued to be promoted and there was not such a rush to go see them. The fees to see them were affordable and often 99 cent showings included a preface of a cartoon.

I am back to a slow promotional feel for my published books through The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing. I take it slow and continue to edit and promote my books when needed. I am back to the slow moving no rush way. Like when films and or books were presented and promoted when I was younger. Before the options of so much was introduced into our culture. Maybe it is because I have just slowed down too. Moments are precious.

This novella is nonfictional which is not supposed to be. They are popularly fiction or science fiction. Yet if you look around you will find embellished nonfiction novella out there, and a lot of early authors that came out with these sweet creation numbers. It captures an essence of something from my adolescence which is like a delicious perfume of wisdom and youth, before the pressure of growing up crumpled such high ideals, but I have found them again so what the fuck. It turns me on.

I even sent a letter to Bernie Taupin my hero, who is one of the persons this book is dedicated to. through Instagram. Most likely the closest I will ever get to him. Yet …. that is better than I dreamed. It is the reaching out that feels so good. Since I can remember reaching out with art, books and letters is what I have always done.