How to Anchor This Energy in Your Psyche?

I examined the natal planetary positions for many other similarly Promethean figures. For example, I checked at once the case of Percy Bysshe Shelley, since he was so explicitly associated—even identified—with Prometheus, his Prometheus Unbound being the preeminent work on that figure in modern literature. If the thesis that Uranus was actually Prometheus had any validity, the birth chart of Shelley would provide the most obvious test case. I found that, in fact, Shelley was born with the Sun and Uranus in close conjunction.

Tarnas, Richard. Prometheus the Awakener (pp. 23-24). Spring Publications, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I am enrolled in Zodiac Art Boost Seminar taught by Mat Gleason ~ Coagula Curatorial.

Meeting artists is kind of thrilling, and I am learning from them. I hope good feelings all around are happening.

I am about to approach Uranus Square Uranus February 21, 2021- April 7, 2021. As so defined,

“You are being asked to claim some of the glorious wildness that can come only with the perspective of age. Time to drop the last stitch of the world’s phony clothes…”

I saw that Mat was offering the Seminar. I have known him for years and he has always been supportive of myself. So, I took a bold jump and enrolled, returning my support of his creative endeavors. Now I am delighted and challenged. I am being drawn back to my interests of Astrology, art and building community again.

I have shied away from Zoom meetings in groups. It is so intimate and up front. I also took the seminar as a move towards socializing again. As an introvert it is easy for me to get lost in music, books, old films and interpreting my dreams.

Here is a classroom assignment that was asked of us. An Astrological Self Portrait of our favorite artists associated with planets in our solar system.

Sun- Me, Mercury- William Blake, Venus- Dionysus, Moon- Bees, Mars- Mad Magazine, Jupiter- Hildegard of Bingen,
Saturn- Gahan Wilson, Uranus- Praying Mantis, Neptune- Fennel Wand, Pluto- Nature ( Pluto loves Persephone)

And so I see Uranus and Prometheus…. has been my secret friend of liberation all along. As well as Praying Mantis… and the Fennel Wand…god news.

Coagula SIte