I think technology has ruined a few things! I said ladies no men!

When I lived in New York I stayed with a family when every Thursday morning the trash truck would come to pick up the trash. At about nine in the morning the women in this house got up quickly and ran to the windows. I did not know what was up, but I found out. The trash truck was not a fully automated one with a fancy robotic hand instead it was swarming with about four guys. I would say anywhere from 16 to 25. Hey, it was a rough job no shirts seemed logical. We put some good men out of work by replacing them with robotic animated trash trucks.

Then when I lived in Santa Cruz California, I noticed that chairs were set up around the local car wash. It was a small one and had some great Santa Cruz Roasting Company Coffee inside the little car wash cafe-store. It was early one morning when I decided to sit down in one of the chairs. Then slowly the cars started to arrive and went into the wash. One by one I saw the ladies drive up. Hey you reader,

“I said ladies no men!”

The guys came out with their rags and cleaning solutions ready to dry the ladies’ cars. These guys were surfers working part-time jobs. That particular day I was asked to get up from my chair by a rather happy lady who whispered,

“If you don’t have a car in the wash, you lose your seat.”

She pulled the chair out from under me.

Now the blowers at most car washes or gas stations don’t quite do the same kind of job as the part-time surfer guys. Tan muscles, long blonde hair and the female eyes watching them. Ladies’ hands leaving big tips in the trim of their pants seemed more productive to me. Yes, much more interesting to me then some big fans blowing my car dry. Technology sucks sometimes.

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