By Hudley and Kerry Love Canal 2/22.

Punks in Space is the latest Flopside Comic to hit the trash. Long time buddy Kerry Love Canal tossed the idea my way as he mocked the other Bubble Gum comics that the crew at Flopside Comics put together. Mr. Fuck and Mr. Shit were out near the bomb-shelter one night. With a beer and a fart, the stars started to glow, and Mr. Shit saw a shooting star. So, the shit hit the UFO train and so they started to put this together. Some of their favorite punks over the years.

As Mr. Shit said,

“Dudes are dudes, punks are punks but dudes who are punkers… they rule the cosmos, music wise and space wise!”

The Ancient Alien dudes were not to be found, only David Wilcock who just happens to live in the Santa Monica Mountains. Where his “Natural stargates,” or “time doors,” are discussed at this point. Mr. Fuck saw David share a trash can down the alley from his home, which is a bomb-shelter . They both take part in freeganism. Mr. Fuck believes in David’s theory of a parallel reality too.

From the Dead Kennedy’s to Plain Wrap, including all guitars, drums or loud singing; to the delectable, delicious orange drink Tang; the rockets, a flying sarcophagus, aliens, bright lights or abductions…

The crew at Flopside Comics blasts off screaming,

“All rockets a Go Go…”

Mr. Shit wants to thank Elon and Jeff for their inspiration, which he will not repeat here.

Ejaculations in space can save the human race.

Operation Flipside Failed….