Slip-sliding Into Spring with a heartache…


Tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.

 Reading a few prompts on this subject, I found sincerity and integrity, and then I found mockery and sarcasm. That is life. This explains most people who I meet. I tend to mix mockery and integrity.  I hide my soft heart behind it. The world and people in it are amazingly indecent and stone like. Or maybe they hide it like me behind a masque of intellectual prestige and nobility?  I have always been honest and been laughed at. To have integrity, honesty and humility is not a popular thing to have these days. The superficiality of our culture is so sad to view.

 I believe in my heart that we are all vulnerable, terrestrial & exterritorial, and needy. (Good Character)

 I believe in my heart to be false…lying, indifference, and the totality of freedom. (Bad Character)

 I will conclude by saying if one observes nature it is based, as you may well know, on symbiotic relationships. Something gives and something takes or something takes and something gives.  In the beauty of a purple flower is the sexuality of its fulfilment and truth as boldly displayed. Humanity can take that as a hint and see it and apply it… and we will be ok regardless of our lack of good Character.

(Dedicated to the resurrection of my Mom and Dad last night in my dream. Please you too stay in heaven. I don’t want you hanging out in my dreams anymore!! Bye,Bye!!)

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