Death guns…

The last two images that I saw today were sickening to me. One was of a mother holding a gun to her baby’s head and another was of a video of a youth-police shooting, where the police shot a youth. Is it believable that he was killed?


We are so quick to blame someone or something. Like the police or the kids with guns; or the women who support having the right to bear arms. I want to explore the parents, adults and governing bodies that let this happen.

The “anger, fear and stupidity” is really the issue here. We all know there are wars going on, right on our streets. Gangs, drugs, and irresponsible parents who don’t supervise their kids. Or over eager and under trained frightened police officers that need to develop an intuitive sense before they are handed a death gun.

I can only sense what it must be like for the parents of a child that was shot down. The overwhelming grief of knowing that guns and our kids are somehow bound together in some strange game of russian-roulette.

This is not a new story. It is a very old story indeed. It is more a story of an ever-emerging shadow of human nature. The power to kill and be killed. Like the cowboys of old. I wish I did not see those images today, yet it informs me that life is too terrible and too unhappily real!!

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