enjoyed a good conscience

“… this is an important point about symbols: they do not refer to historical events; they refer through historical events to spiritual or psychological principles and powers that are of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and that are everywhere.” Page 53 Goddesses, Mysteries of the Feminine Divine~ Joseph Campbell.

Countless times I have seen the diadem.

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To Venus

I read a book yesterday, and ancient one. Written by the Egyptians and Greeks and then translated by a Arab. Now in English by way of a flip book on a website. The Book of Crates tells about Venus wearing a diadem of white pearls. So since reading this quote I have noticed diadems everywhere.

First on the beginning of a Colombo show last night. This morning on Facebook where a friend posted an image of a tattoo of a diadem on a girl’s hip. It goes on from there. It would be too much to say it is another countless synchronicity that moves through my life. It has no literal meaning; none at all. Yet, it have the profoundness meaning to me.

In this world of bad politics and crumbling symbols that shine nothing from within, it is nice to know that some symbols talk to us from long ago… countless yesterdays… when the imagination ascended to beauty and the common people enjoyed a good conscience.

“…The sun, on the other hand, is never shadowed except in eclipse, and so does not carry its death within it; thus it represents consciousness disengaged from the field of time and space….”  Page. 52 Goddesses, Mysteries of the Feminine Divine~ Joseph Campbell.

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