Female asteroids fun !!

Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta, Juno

Female asteroid goddess fun!

Praying Mantis is an anthropomorphism often found in all my art.

These asteroid Goddesses are positive parts of our female psyches. Health, strength, and the ability to fight for the integrity of all life. The right to choose. A right for justice and equality. A rich part of history and mythology which shine through us all.

As we look up into the heavens, we find these asteroids. If we look to these little creatures on earth as the praying mantis, we find the beauty of nature.

Brought together through art we reflect within ourselves the balance that we all need for good health. A healthy psyche to share with the world. A symbolic healing panacea.

4, 9 by 12-inch watercolors.

At home I like to have projects to do. Husband got me a new book called Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George & Douglas Bloch.  A networking book that ties up so many years of study. Astronomy, astrology, spirituality, mythology and psychology.

A remarkable book. It reads well. I like to engage in mythology, so I did up a little water-color fun with four of the main players heavenwards. What a fun project !! Some female asteroids that have a powerful punch to the human psyche. We all need them.


Pallas Athene



I am happy to say that my original four watercolors-were sold at a Fundraiser for the National Women’s Health Network. A Silent Auction. “A Voice for Women, A network of change.”

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