The prayer or ritual before having a tooth extracted!

watercolor of Ash tree onside by parents’ back window that was cut down ! Once A youthful friend I grew up with ! by Hudley

The prayer or ritual before having a tooth extracted!


You are dying

You will be seized.

You have been with me

Since our creation together.

Made up from generations

Of ancestors.

From star dust and good foods

Of calcium and DNA

We are one

Yet separate.

Your roots will be pulled out

I honor days of chewing.

And glowing smiles

To good conversation, candy, and pizza.

To your body soul and spirit

I release you from my mouth

my loving tooth friends!

Bless you,

To the hormones which inform you

To your root, neck, and crown

To nerves, blood, and vessels.

I release you.

In Ancient times before a tree was cut down a prayer or ritual was performed. To alert the living thing or spirit or elemental which lived there that change was coming.

I also think we need such a prayer or ritual before a tooth is extracted.

A tree and a tooth are similar in that they are living and deeply rooted. The tree in the earth and the tooth in our flesh in our being. They are part of an ecosystem. On the whole of a community of living things. A tree is a home to birds, bees and maybe an owl or possum and the elemental that lives there as a vital living substance. As ancient people knew…

“The Plane of Elemental Mind (A) comprise the state or condition and degree of mental and vital development of a class of entities unknown to the average man but recognized to occultist. They are invisible to the ordinary senses of man, but, nevertheless, exist and play their part of the Drama of the Universe. Their degree of intelligence is between that of the mineral and chemical entities on the one hand, and of the entities of the plant kingdom on the other.”

The Kybalion, Hermetic Philosophy. Page 78

Not to forget to mention the more subtle elements of a tooth.

Dental records are used sometimes to identify a person. Such as when the Iceman, a ruthless gangster killer, was brought to justice. Do to this very fact. A person killed was identified by their teeth records which broke a long case of killings.

When a tree is cut there is weeping in a community or ecosystem … when a tooth is pulled our being weeps. Our psyche questions this Lovecraftian horror. I know because I have experienced three teeth extrusions so far in my life. It is like a rape of the body and perceptions. Our bodily organs shiver and the bad wasps of our bacteria go in for attack. Pure trauma.

How does a prayer for a tree or tooth work you ask?

With good foresight it alerts a tree’s body or tooth that death is coming. Time to flee and move on. The aura is bound elsewhere or peepers the environment for change.

For a tooth it may be saying:

“Attention white blood cells.”

“Though we have been with you all our life together. I am dying and am leaving the comfort of my home.”

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body!”

An awesome responsibility. You see each tooth has a good relationship with a certain organ or place within our individual ecosystem. This is a process that a prayer or ritual must do! Preparing a trees spirit and our tooth, our psyche, for an experience like rape. To pull a tree or tooth from its lovely home quickly and with much force.

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