“superb” or “wonderful”…

Hudley the crone

A juxtaposed desire between two fellows I would like to meet someday… B. Taupin and E. Kuepper and well at least their music did. Yes!

In the heat of the summer

Better call out a plumber

Turn on the steam pipe

Cool me off

With your big crime fighters

And your newspaper writers

Still need a drugstore

To cure my buzz

~ Circle Jerks

My “drugstore to cure my buzz” has evolved into writing. It cures so many of my problems. In the heat of this summer 2021, I was thinking upon two fellows that I would love to meet someday.

While driving the hills above Santa Barbara and beyond we found many highways less traveled.

“If it came to pass that they should ask

What could I tell them

Would they criticize behind my back?

Maybe I should let them

Oh, if only then and only then

They would understand…”

~ Songwriters: E. John / B. Taupin

We passed by the Roundup Ranch where Bernie Taupin lived for years yet sold a few years back. I know he loves horses and that is one thing that I like about him. I love his lyrics which were a big part of my life growing up as a cowgirl in the mid-1970s.  

“Are you feeling fine?

Have you really got the time

To bother to write one line?

Don’t lay you on the line

It’s easy when you’re the missing link”

~ The Saints, Songwriters: E. Kuepper

Another fellow is Ed Kuepper. His guitar sound literally woke me up and The Saints lyrics amazed me during the late 1970s as I transformed through many growing pains of horses, boyfriends and finally in finding my opus of punk rock’s dysfunctional triumph.

I devoted many hours to Elton John album covers. Memorizing the lyrics with my girlfriends. Wondering who these English fellows were that seemed to sing about American things. It was more the feel I got wondering and experiencing the music. It seemed sacred to us, and it still does.

Just recently I viewed one of Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s songs being used in a commercial. (Tiny Dancer – Elton John: vaping in the spotlight!) It was absurd and disheartening. So, writing and affirming the good that this song once inspired will cast out this demon commercial’s hypocrisy and justification for cancer.

Ed Kuepper has never played in the USA. The Saints are one of my favorite bands. As I say my only addiction. I think maybe we have some strange connection being my dad was stationed in Adelaide Australia during WWII. He was a captain pilot.

I wrote a short novella of my days with my horse the white mustang Sony. I dedicated the book to Elton John and Bernie Taupin. I did finally send him a message by way of my Instagram account. I never received a response. I may someday. I did get close enough to reach out … maybe?

I cannot tell you how many times I have reached out to people I admire. I have met many of them and received letters back such as Henry Winkler (rip) who sent me an image of him in a Hawaiian shirt, well there went my hardcore Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli.  

Bill Clinton is the only politician that wrote back. I sent him a watercolor image of a rainbow that my oldest son painted at age 5. My family in-law on the maternal side, who are nasty conservatives, did not care. I say fuck that. I am proud.

This is not about fame, money, or anything like that. It is an applied punk experience on two fellows I have learned to love through their songs. So, I have now defined what punk rock is… bully bully… “superb” or “wonderful.”

Bernie Taupin Roundup Ranch


I just do not think this is good…it is sick. https://blog-vape.com/2017/06/13/tiny-dancer-elton-john-vaping-in-the-spotlight

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