The older woman trilogies… I am a nerd too.

All it took was to wear one of my UFO T-Shirts. My Mothman or my large green Alien T-shirt with a UFO flying saucer in the eye of the alien. I figured it out it did not take much. They would tell their stories.

At a Home Depot I walked around looking for something. The young man walked up.

“Hey, I like your shirt.”

“Oh Thanks.”

“I was just talking about UFOs with my friend last night.”

I looked around and noticed he was an employee. He was tall with a funky beard. Had the nerdy youthful thing going on.

“See I drew this last night on some note paper.”

I looked and saw a doodling of a UFO like the one on my T-Shirt.

“Wow that is so cool.”

Then the young man got close and said,

“You never know?”

“Know what?

His face got very nerdy indeed and said,

“You never know if you are talking to an extraterrestrial or not? They may be everywhere.”

I love T-Shirts. I wear them until they literally fall of my body. The above shirt is almost there. Yet of all the shirts I wear It is the young men nerds that always must tell me a story of something real and bizarre. I mean if I was a youngster and wanted to meet guys. No brainer I would wear a UFO Shirt.

Today I was at the local Ralph’s and the check out guy was instantly pulled into my Mothman shirt. We talked about it, and he didn’t have to tell me he was really into stuff like that.

“Oh, this shirt, ya you can see it everywhere on Facebook. I just had to get it.”

He then stopped and talked about some story of a Banshee. He was going to go to some town where there is supposed to be a Banshee in the mountains. But canceled his trip because of the pandemic.

“She shrieks in the hills before people die.”

“It is an old Irish folklore that seems to have come over here.’

He shook his head with enthusiasm as most young nerds do.

T-shirts have the power still and that is good…. It can bring nerds and fans together in strange ways.

I also was at a Furniture store looking around for a new bed with my green alien shirt and another employee came up to me and started to share his otherworldly stories about Aliens, UFOs, and such. I am always fascinated by these nerdy guys who love this stuff. It may be true … extraterrestrials are everywhere.

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