fascist system tied in with a towing impounding company

I wrote to my government representatives and to Sacramento a year ago. No response and here we are going through the underbelly of a police officer fascist system tied in with a towing impounding company that steals your car for ransom. FUCK YOU Baby!

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A nice Saturday afternoon and we noticed our truck was gone. We called the police and contacted our AAA insurance provider. We thought our truck was stolen. Then this nasty story revealed itself for the darkness that it is.

We have had problems with the DMV during the last year and a half. Lost information, driver licenses never showing up after being paid online and a non-issued renewal notice was not mailed to us. This causing our registration to be about five months behind. Wow what criminals we be?

We went out of Los Angeles County to renew our Real IDs and Drivers Licenses. In a small-town surrounded by oil jacks, open tree farms and the desert. I really have grown to like Taft California. Has the small-town feeling showing us what it is like to go through a pandemic? Yet the lines and the service at their DMV is short, curt, and done in an hour.

In Los Angeles County the fucking DMV experience is hell on earth. Long lines, rudeness and a heart attack is leering around the corner.

So, we have found a way that moves around this devil. Los Angeles County needs more DMV buildings to service the increase in population. But no, how could they be that thoughtful or nice. They refer us to an online system that is currently corrupted. Lost files, information and my car renewal and driver’s license all uncomfortably gone or wicked wrong. I wrote to my government representatives and to Sacramento a year ago. No response and here we are going through the underbelly of a police officer fascist system tied in with a towing impounding company that steals your car for ransom.

A simple fix it ticket would have been the normal and decent thing to do. Especially it would have alerted me to the fact that something is wrong. I did not get my car renewal.

Our was impounded. A family car that was parked in front of our home. The police knew this. All it took was a knock at the door, but I was told they do not do that. They enforce laws and the towing companies charge fees. It is the type of scam that you see in the movies. It is real here in Los Angeles and it is a dark story.

So being that it happened on a Saturday we had to wait until Monday to get anything done. The renewal DMV online told me that the truck’s VIN and license plate were invalid.

I finally found a service online. Fucking rip-off criminals called California Need Tags.

A third party company that is not associated with the DMV on the DMV’s official web page. Now if that is not corruption and hacking I don’t know what is. The DMV are clueless to this too. It is crazy. Yet, we paid the fee.

I called the police and they told me no I needed a one day driving permit to drive our car to get it a smog check. Oh yes that was cleverly added on to the dark equation of stressful possibilities.

So on to Taft California to get a one-day pass to get our truck out and pay the ransom.

The last dark tunnel to check out is if the Taft DMV will honor the registration fees we paid recently online. We were charged late fees too.

Even though the DMV never sent me a renewal and I could not renew my registration online.

Update: They did not so we had to pay the registration fee again. We wanted to pay our other truck off. The registration is due in September. Yet they told us we could not because it is too early. We have not received a renewal notice either. I usually receive them about 5 months in advance. So, I am overly concerned.

I will go to my local AAA to register our other truck in August.

Think about it, only 5 months late on our car registration fees the police can take your car and impound it. Ya you may have the pink slip, and insurance and the car may be parked in front of your home… they can take it.

Even when the dumb-ass DMV fucks up… you cannot… that is a double standard that does not add up. It is called corruption. Thinking of the many years of paying these fees and our car insurance, they can just take our truck is very disturbing.

I think we should pay one registration fee for a car when it is first purchased only. Not every year.

The bull is off the nickel

The nightmare is over but please be careful. They are all on the take… the police are in the business of “grand theft auto” and holding your car for ransom.

 Mayor Eric Garcetti


Brad Sherman


Gavin Newsom


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