My Good Familiars or the Winged Insect Party

It was that time of year when shadow comes to visit. I am not a novice on these matters.

Flying in the room the winged insect flew up to the wood support beam between the kitchen and the living room. Dark, lively, and awkward as this insect bug seemed, it was nothing compared to the sound our yellow tabby made. A continuous sweet meow yelp came forward from him. Nacho heralding this cat party- ritual had begun! He was on top of the kitchen table.


The other three cats came into focus upon this amazement. The two black kittens Poobah and Whisky and then Mikey the noodle love cat. His green eyes glowed with the look of attack.


It was late and we did not know how the insect came in the house. The lights outdoors enticed it into the house. We also have a loose screen in the back bedroom.

The cats jumped up to heights trying to reach the bug. It was brown as a water bug, or cockroach, or may have been a beetle of some sort.

The beetle flew into the kitchen hiding as the four cats made their rounds. We tried to move the insect outdoors into the hot summer night. We turned off all the lights except for the one at the small entrance into the house. As moths fly to fire so this little creature may take the same bate. It did fly out a few times only to fly back as the cats followed it. No luck.

I looked back into the kitchen to where the insect flew, and I swear I saw a cat on the stove.

“Hey, look over there one of the cats is on the stove, it may not be a good place for the cat.”

No cat was there. I did take a picture and saw the dark outline of a cat with white eyes. It was very scary. I thought maybe some darkness flew into the house this evening. The cats alerted me to something more than just an insect. They are good at that.

I did a brief sage cleansing of our home. I said a prayer while moving throughout the rooms. I especially focused on the kitchen where I saw the shadow animal. I saw the dark shadow outside our kitchen window as I closed it. It was told to leave and not come back. I deleted the image I took as well. A symbolic action.

I then fell asleep on the couch.

A deep underbelly monotonous growl woke me up. I listened and looked around carefully to see where the sound was coming from. Seems one of the little black kittens had the insect contained on the ground. I quickly threw a towel over the insect and ran to the front door to put the creature outside. I saw it struggling on its back. I pushed it over. It took fight.

Poobah and Whisky …

Entering the house, the cats were redirected with some treats from the cupboard. They must have enjoyed the Winged Insect Party.

The cats had their fun. An exorcism needs to be performed now and then and my cats do enjoy the process.

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