Promoting books is not some big gorilla!

In Celebration of Women’s History Month! March 2022 !

Ward Bond and Marjorie Main

Lucy : [singing]  If the ocean was whiskey, and I was a duck, I’d dive to the bottom, and never come up. Oh baby, oh baby, I’ve told you before, the more I drink whiskey, I love you the more! Oh baby, oh baby.”

The Women, 1939

To publish books by oneself is to find a place which works with an ideal of freedom and responsibility. Working with other publishers did not work out for me. If you want to define it in a nutshell doing it yourself is what punk is. Yup!

We punks had to do it ourselves, Or D.I.Y.~ cause no one else worked with us or the way we wanted to do it. No-one else was interested.

We punks created the concept and this created our scene. We did it!

Now many people approach me wanting to know the story.

Below is an excerpt from my little memoir that came out a couple years ago.

My Punkalullaby is a desirable little punk number. It is not perfect because stories aren’t meant to be perfect … because stories are just stories.

“I was becoming one with My Punkalullaby. I coined the word punkalullaby. It means that the whole time I was in the punk rock scene, from beginning to end, it was all about a song. One song to the next pulled me throughout the scene. Once that loud music got into my blood there was nothing like it. I was socially awkward, wild, and morally uncultivated. I was a perfect product for the Los Angeles punk rock scene because I was someone that the normal culture had completely abandoned. Yet here I was, welcomed into an underground counterculture.”

Page 17, My Punkalullaby

And though over the years I have tried to hide, ignore, and give it the finger, the punk scene always catches me with a huge tussle to the floor. A revealing movement of love, music, and friends pull me back in.

Promoting books through a small publishing company is not some big gorilla. It is a nudge like a pint at the local pub, a cup of coffee or sharing a yummy cupcake. No big deal really.  Makes me happy. It is amusing to me.

Hopefully, whoever finds this little punk number will be inspired to walk through the door. Finding books like this is a pass time that many of us share. The love of reading a story is part of who we are. It is how My Punkalullaby is modeled.

To all the books we find or that find us…. that inspire us.

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