Punk Rock Singers Gone Mad

This is a Flopside Bubblegum Comic I did a few years back. I like to doodle and when I had my HP Printer it came with an online creative app that offered many different options for creative endeavor. The left and right handed kind.

Today Kerry Love Canal, as I affectionately think of him, asked for my rock drawings to add to his site. I may take him up on his offer. Back to doing what I do best, doodle.

SO, here is one I resurrect for Kerry.

Now I must find a creative app that goes with my new Kyocera Printer. I think the best of life is having creative endeavors.

( I added Dodger Dog Joey Ramone original for New Wave Chicken Art about Baseball)

“We Have To Play With Ourselves”

Original art was Sold December 2022 at Jail Guitar Doors Art Show benefit. A simple layout for a Flopside comic.