In the early morning
there is nothing like driving east
on Sherman Way in the San Fernando Valley.

Not too many drivers
on the road
the view of the Verdugo mountains
are straight ahead.  

The Verdugo shine with a blue gray hue
recalling my youthful wild days.
The street is lined
with dark green pepper trees
blocks of brilliant yellow mustard greens 
freely enhanced with
miles of tall brown yellow wheat weeds
What is left of a wild valley.

It is a cool windy day
the will-o'-the-wisp
goes around and round.
Made up of different colored leaves
memories that stir within me.
Coolness on clothes
distance of windy gray sky
maybe rain will fall
onto the concert of
the Los Angeles River
Parallel to
the Verdugo Mountains.

Prehistoric blue gray mountain range
wild dew memories
inspire feelings
I am getting younger
not older.

~Hudley Flipside