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We do not live in an old age friendly culture. I think we all feel a bit scared of aging. If we, as human beings, honored our elders as wise we might look past the wrinkles of age and look more upon the character, humor and love that often comes with age.

If we make it to forty this is when we realize that we are not getting any younger.

Then if we don’t fight it, we can review our life, a recapitulation, a spiraling around and looking at life. Looking at the continuity of life is so important.

For me it is also looking at friends in my life. Why do some endure with time and others fade away? Then there are the friends that come up from the past to surprise me with complete joy. This is freedom to me… to have friends that take me for who I am without judgments, conditions, or prejudices about how I look on the outside.

I see joy also in the sun, moon, stars, and cosmos as a consistency that life will go on some way or another.

Rosemary and purple flowers

Laugh at me and show me your mockery!

My heart will endure regardless of your callousness.

Moon hides from me behind the clouds

As if you do not know I am here

I will still drink my beer and enjoy its bubbles.

Water makes my feet too cold

Freeze me with your flowing gossip

I will dry you off with a clean rough towel

Tossing you in the washer to be cleaned.

Fire dancing warm as red, purple, and orange

Burn my body after I die

Ash I once was and ash I will become again

My spirit will forgive you all

It is continually young.



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