Melanoma / je suis de nouveau libre


I beat it. No more cancer in me… i am free again.

4/ 27 23

Update. I have melanoma and now on for surgery and possible other options to kill the cancer.

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.

~ Carl Jung

I have studied at universities the value of sacred texts and myths older than the patriarchs. I have been a probationer with the Rosicrucian Fellowship longer than forty years and learned of the creation of the cosmos, astrology, and the journey of our souls and of evolution and rebirth.

I have visited the underworld where darkness I did escape back into the light. I know the medicine wheel where Buffalo whispers in my ear of the wonders of bravery.

I have dreamed of the Thyrsus and watched bees. Knowing both have blessed my heart as they collect nectar of the soul and flowers. Teaching me about nature.

I created two beings in my womb and have taken on the responsibilities as a wife and mother. I create with the wonder of my youth and education. I have known misery and despair and bliss and orgasmic wonders. I have experienced the death of my loved ones and also the death of love.

I also have endured many things. I see the good and wonderful as well.

All these things are within me and help me to travel this journey of life. We own nothing. Everything is temporary and a gift.

Yet this waiting on biopsy of a possible Melanoma skin cancer is a bit overwhelming.

It started out as a new mole on my left upper arm about five years ago. The shape of a dark brown heart. I thought to myself, affirming,

“I don’t remember this?”

Yet it has changed over the last few months. And so, I took responsibility as I am turning 65 this May to take care of myself and address myself squarely as well as my mortality.

It could be nothing, or it could be a minor surgery to remove it, or it could be much more dangerous.

My doctor dermatologist said.

“Yes, it is a pretty heart shape.” and I replied.

“A kiss from the devil.”  

We both laughed.

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