Heart in my curtain I am not perfect

I was practicing my HeartMath meditation. I looked up to see the heart reflection in my curtain. I never noticed it before.

It seems that I found an answer to my problem today. Sometimes we try too hard for goodness in the world. We can get bit in the butt by an uncomfortable opposition.

Also if we are out of balance and being nasty and uncomfortably angry and sad, sometimes something very wonderful can hop in our lap.

Life is about balancing out the opposites or opposite forces. It is not easy as you well know.

Sometimes one has to say goodbye to old friends and wait for new ones.

Ideals change as well as hopes. Intelligence and integrity can move away and be far from reach.

Unclear points in life and unknown facts can make life cruel. Yet hanging on to real allies is a gift that illumines my soul.

As the sound of a flute that joins our hearts together in hope of a more loving world !

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