Ya got to shove a little…Ho HO Ho !!

My rage had been softened with the night’s performance! My rage had been caged and controlled… but sometimes ya got to shove a little to get a little.

If that makes me side with Mephistopheles …so be it!!

The turning of the winter solstice is a time between autumn and winter which always brings up confrontations in one’s life.

Last night it was a few parents that could not keep their asses on their seats. We went early and got a seat in the front and on the right near the ensemble. Son’s first performance in a band with choir for the holiday season. His school has a large auditorium with particularly good seating. I was on the first row on the right next to an open walkway. Yet regardless some parents had to come up and block others in this walkway to record their kids via camera, video, or hand-held device. They were so close to me I could feel their warmth and smell what they had for dinner. I was beyond irritated the word rage does come to mind! There were at-least 500 parents and their families there that were behaving themselves!

Why is it that there are always a few jerky-parents that feel their kids are the most important kids in the world?

I would never think to do such a thing it is rude. Rude, rude, rude. These kinds of people force one to be rude in return as well. There was one lady that opened the door to my rage.

“Hello, you are sitting too close to me. I am not comfortable with that. Please move aside!”

The lady smiled at me…

“Please not so close the flash is blinding my eyes!”

The lady smiled at me and said…

“I see!”

“Am I not getting through to you? You are being rude and where you are is blocking the way of all those behind you. It is a fire hazard. Please leave!”

Mockingly she smiled again and said “yes I understand you… ”

She smiled at me again and again.

“I am serious leave now…please go away.”

This time she gave me a patronizing glare, so I shoved her, and she fell to the ground. She was balancing low almost on her knees. So, it was not a major fall. She looked up at me shocked and got up and whispered Merry Christmas in my ear.

“Merry fucking Christmas indeed” I said to myself!!

I love it when people justify their rudeness with sainthood.

It worked. She did not come back and not one person who witnessed this came forth to defend her. I think all were happy with what I did. I heard someone a few rows back ask her if she fell. She replied with an embarrassing lie,

“I tripped”

What a pile of bull!!