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The Adventures of Sony and Raubie Part Three

The Adventures of Sony and Raubie Part Three.

Who is stroking their carrots?


The apartment was adjoined at the hip to the subway. Every time the subway went by the building shook. It was either Queens or Yonkers New York where we watched; looking down from the tall building to the streets below. We were staying only for a few days while the bands where in town. At dusk the produce stores closed down and locked up, pulling down their metal roller type garage doors.  Later, the limousines drove up. The tall mannequin looking young women and the old gray-haired men were steeping out; the sounds of disco, a really terrible kind, blared below.It was the luck of being young and beautiful. It was of being old  and foolish… with loads of dough. We watched and listened until the sun came up. ~ Excerpt from The Seminary of Praying Mantis : A Punkalullaby: In New York by Hudley Flipside

Canoga Park, West Hills and Woodland Hills have something interesting going on. On every block you see them. Actually three types of businesses are booming here. Psychics, tobacco stores and massage parlors. They are on the increase. These cities are up to something that I have not figured out yet. It feels like the kind of wheeling & dealing that smells fraudulent.

The tobacco stores aren’t so strange. In fact most of them look manly and are rather attractive. The psychics are not so bad. They are growing in number. If they are not doing so well with their crystal balls, you can always see their boats, trailers and expensive appliances for sale. The message parlors seem more sinister.

These places are not legally run by a chiropractor or homeopathic doctor because these types of doctors are licensed practitioners. When you open the door to the sound of a jingling bell at these local massage parlors whom do you think you will see?

We need to legalize prostitution. I say this to protect the women who are working at these places. I am focusing on the possibility that we are ignormantly supporting human trafficking at aany zip code.

If we are not going to be honest about these places and legalize prostitution, then we should close them down.

I understand men have their needs. I am not talking about their need to get a carrot message or table shower. ( whatever the hell that is?) I am asking these customers to think about who is stroking their carrots? Is it some young foreign woman who speaks very little English with high heels? Human Trafficking is most likely the truth here. A mother, a daughter, a sister … yes.