The miracle of socks that match


I stand on the red bricks and see the dying leaves. It is winter and this is the only time of the year when I wear socks. I hate socks. Did you ever notice that Olympic runners have buckets of shoes, one size, but all different colors? They reach in and pull out one shoe at a time. It does not matter it they are different colors. That is how it is for me with socks. I put all different combinations of patterned and colored socks together. Today is a miracle, because from all of the possibilities, I happen to be wearing a matching pair.


A beautiful tapestry hangs in the little hall at the entrance to our living room. It has a wonderful texture to it. It is made of little round sequences and glass beads. Other things hang there that are fun to see. This brings a sense of mystery and ancient stories into our home. I like this. It gets one to thinking and dreaming.

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