We at Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine had loads of fun having too many projects while supporting a scene. It was way over my head but being right in the middle I did what I did to help it to flow forward. Words below from the Flipside CATALOG.  

Flipside Recordz

Detox “Start Finish” LP

Our first attempt to put out a full-out album, A real under-ground sound to this album, with a band that has been around the LA scene for quite some time!! Twelve punker tunes sung by good old Dan Forklift. Bass played by Steve (Human of the Vandals,) Tony Malone plays guitar (who featured in the movie “Girls just want to have fun,” he played the guy with green hair playing guitar on a table at some party, remember?) and now ex member Lantz Krantz (Boyfriend of Boom Boom of the Screaming Sirens) on drums. Square dance to “No Reggae in Russia” and slam to “Shoot the Kid,” something for everyone. Oh, Oh , Oh…

No Reggae In Russia

Henderson St

Child For One

Radio Henri


Life On Cahuenga

                Round 2  

Ick The Eem

Placidyl Polka (Eddie’s Drunk Again)

Soul Boat

I Hate The French

Seasons In The Sun

Shoot The Kid

Steve, Hudley and Tony a few years back 2009 maybe at the Scotland Yard for A Flipside Reunion
Canoga Park , CA

(says full album but is not)