Flipside Vinyl Fanzine 2 … I’ m Shakin’ All Over

Hey original John Crawford Artwork on the back cover. Revolutionary Fetus says

“Support Flipside Vinyl Fanzine # 2 or face a bleak and unlivable future.”

Hattie Jacques plays Nanette Parry from film Make Mine Mink (1960).

Again, from the original Flipside “CATALOG.” As written at that place and time in history by yours truly. I don’t know why I excluded Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Number One, maybe at the time we ran out of them for sale. Yet I will include it later in my gathering of Intellectual Property … my journey to bring together what was lost on the internet wasteland. (If only symbolically)

A friendly gesture to remember what seems vague in my senior years. Thank you for indulging my fiery drive. As Emma Jung, wife of Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung, said and I paraphrase, “Sometimes a dame has got to do something for herself that no one else fucking understands, who cares cause she knows why she is doing it… for her own soul.” There now that feels better. I am just in the gathering phase. I call it Phase A.

Included below is some remarkable history about the process of creating this Vinyl Fanzine. Many hands in the cookie Jar. Heartfelt Thanks!!

Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Number Two with loads of bands.

Side One we have MIA “Just A Dream.” Decry “Island Paradise.” Out Patients “Backwards Explosion.” Naked Raygun “Metastasis.” Roach Motel “Mad Dog.” JFA “Out of School.” Massacre Guys “Let’s Forget.” Vagina Dentata “Golden Boys.” Plan Wrap “Magnetic Shoes.”

Side Two we have DI “Johnny’s Got A problem.” Misfits “Attitude.” Necros “Walking the Dog.” C2D” Aggression System.” Iconoclast “Domination or Destruction.” Cheetah Chrome and the Motherfuckers “No Words.” Disorderly Conduct “How Old Are You.” Catatonics “Descending In “E.” Braille Party “Let It Burn.” Germs “Forming.” (I’m sorry for saying mean things about Darby in Ink Disease Fanzine, he was just such a stinker.” GKH “Dickerman.” Agent Orange “Shakin’ All Over.”

“Chaz”, as he was known to most, was guitarist for Eddie and the Subtitles, a local punk band that was influential on younger Fullerton punks as the Adolescents and Social Distortion, both of which recorded their early demos and singles at Casbah and continued recording albums there as their popularity grew.

“I don’t think they shared musical tastes” stated Michael Hutchinson, producer for Billy Idol and Berlin, observing “I don’t know how excited Chaz was about Berlin – he was more excited about punk stuff.”

Yet there was an excitement that came from the blending of the two distinct cultures: one typified by Chaz and his cronies’ slacker ethos, the other by St. James and his commercial sensibilities and keen awareness of musical trends. After the success of Stacey Q’s Better Than Heaven, St. James deferred ownership of The Casbah to Ramirez.”


New Casbah Recording Studio


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Bill Bartell “We Got Power” Fanzine image.

“Bill Bartell~ His contributions to the punk rock scene were numerous between writing, playing in his band and releasing records on his now-defunct Gasatanka Records label.”