Vein of Gold Enduring, The Flipside Fanzine Story

I was thinking about what is left over from work done or from ones own experience. I think of a scene from the Musical Film Paint Your Wagon when a scheme is made to gather all the gold that falls down under bars and saloons. Miners for gold losing their gold dust. A clever way to get rich or collect from what is unknowingly or uncaringly left behind.

That is what it is like for me now as I gather my Flipside Fanzine gold that is dissected all over the place. I know I will never get rich from my gossamer shining memories or documentation of a scene during my youthful rebellion, but it seems to go on shimmering everywhere. It has a real story and narrative that I still gather.

I cannot put back together the vein of gold enduring as a solid experience that was documented but I can try and show my story, the Flipside Fanzine story, as it happened, and this is important to me. I can be a magnet pulling the gold of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine towards me and alchemize the authentic narrative to share. A richness like gold that will endure.

Flipside Video 3 and 4 CATALOG read by Hudley 2023.

I don’t know if I will get to all 11 from my catalog but at least I got to two more. From the original catalog I did in the 1980s. I wanted fans to at least get an organized sense of what we had to offer. I find it delightfully youthful and fanatical as a 65-year-old woman to read these. We were all into the punk scene and loved it madly. I was about 25 when I made this up.

(I am not a professional DJ haha).

Flipside Video 1 and 2 CATALOG read by Hudley 2023

A blast from the past… read with a magnifying glass.

Just having some fun reading over this. It was written back in the 1980s when I felt the need to make the things we were selling understandable in my rude punk way. It was not easy being a female punk around bands, records collectors and all the people who were tough as gram crackers. I am sure pissing off others was not something I tried to do but most likely did. Yet I was the nicer one most times.

I still have the original and it is falling apart so I have it now in a video I made up.

I like going over and keeping my mind fresh on these memories. I am amazed at how many shows I went to. It overwhelms me now as it did then but it was all documented so that makes it nicer still.

I am not a professional actor so reading this was hard to do but I like the cockiness of it.

I was well trained and initiated in the art of one “who caused considerable trouble.”

All Flipside persons’ are… and that is just how it goes.

~ Hudley

Documenting what has already been documented…. as a original source person who was there doing the documenting … as a girl.

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue Facebook Page is obsolete. But here one can see all items available on my WordPress Site available for sell! ⭐️🏵️😸!

Over 40 years celebration, Rodney on the ROQ vinyl band compilation. Vol. 1-3

Punk Rock Historian & colleague and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

Maybe a cliché or fuck up, or glitch will be found… my burning tears… always found in an honest Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine project or on a vinyl record played too many times….

My celebration today…

A Hudley Flipside Editorial

Rodney on the ROQ vinyl band compilation. Vol. 1-3

Issue 21

Flipside Fanzine 21

December 1980        

Brooke Shields – Introduction  

Agent Orange – Bloodstains   

Adolescents – Amoeba

Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets      

U.X.A. – Tragedies     

Klan – Pushin’ Too Hard        

Black Flag – No Values

Rik L Rik – The Outback        

Crowd – Right Time    

David Microwave – I Don’t Want To Hold You       

The Nuns – Wild        

Fender Buddies – Furry Friend

Vidiots – Laurie’s Lament       

Simpletones – T.V. Love        

New York, Surprise! – Is That All There Is?

Issue 28

Flipside Fanzine 28

November 1981

Target 13 – Rodney on the ROQ

Social Distortion – 1945

Shattered Faith – Right Is Right

Black Flag – Rise Above

Minutemen – Search

Redd Kross – Burn Out

CH3 – You Lie

Agent Orange – Mr. Moto

Red Rockers – Dead Heroes

Unit 3 + Venus – B.O.Y.S.

The Stepmothers – Where Is the Dream

Gleaming Spires – Are You Ready For the Sex Girls

The Little Girls – The Earthquake Song

Levi and The Rockats- Ready to Rock

Twisted Roots – Snaked

Geza X – We Need More Power

Issue 35

Flipside Fanzine 35

November 1982

Kent State – Radio Moscow 

Ill Repute  – Clean Cut American Kid

J.F.A. – Preppy

Channel 3 – Seperate Peace

Catch 22 – Stop The Cycle

Pariah – Up To Us

Red Scare – Streetlife

No Crisis – She’s Into The Scene

Rudi – Crimson

Unit 3 with Venus – Pajama Party

Bangles – Bitchen Summer (Speedway)

Action Now – Try

Signals – Gotta Let Go

Gayle Welch – Day Of Age

Radio Music – Johnny Angel / New Dance

David Hines – Land Of 1,000 Dances

Rodney On The ROQ Volume One, Two and Three.

Rodney On The ROQ Volume One, Two and Three. (1980s)

Flipside Fanzine Inserts.

It is very embarrassing for me to reflect on the covers of these three compilations. “Young girls on the covers” was uncomfortable to me… but no one asked me how I felt!

Rodney is a pervert about young girls and I always really hated the covers!! That is what he wanted and Posh Boy let it happen.

As Flipside / Gasatanka Records & just Flipside Records 1980s, was created later all that icky young girl stuff left and I was proud of our / my work and accomplishments!! (as I was about the inserts)!

This is some honest punk rock history!

…. Hudley Flipside 🌸

Flipside Fanzine, My Aim Is True

1980 Hudley

My obligation to Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. (1977 to 2002)

As a co-publisher, editor of Flipside Fanzine I hold to my heart a need to protect and preserve the memory of this Fanzine. Being its roughly 20 years of existence.

How it is presented to the world is important to me. At one time Flipside Fanzine supported a beginning and then growing underground, and international, punk rock scene.  

Over the last few years, I have had bands, record labels, writers and major movie companies approach me for images for their work and/or production pertaining to Flipside Fanzine. I engage the many demands in a proper and organized manner.

There is not another Flipside person who has stepped forward to engage this pressure.

My intentions are good for Flipside Fanzine, and I will continue to protect it as best I can. I hold good integrity too. I can choose with whom I share or sell things from this Fanzine.

Be it the fanzine itself, videos, or records. I am under an umbrella of protection, and I can release things for such productions as I always mention those involved at the time if they are dead, or otherwise, or do not want to be bothered. Flipside was a fast moving fanzine with many who did willfully engage freely in its creative life time.

I love Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. It is ironic to me, but Flipside’s created products become more precious with time. Everything Flipside “produced and created” is becoming more in demand.

In its publishing history there have only been two owners of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine, its “living publishing time,” Al Flipside (Al Kowalewski) and me Hudley Flipside (Holly D Cornell).

I promise to do my best with all of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine documented materials and all products over its full life. Yet now it is a defunct fanzine and we only see it as a history of what once was and so many of its creations still shine in many corners of the world.

My Aim Is True,

Hudley Flipside / Holly D Cornell

The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing

Here are two vinyl fanzines Volume 1 and 2 through Flipside / Gasatanka.


Which band was on both Volume 1 and 2 ?

My Dell computer got Covid19 and is now at Docs. A rather new one for having issues with Dell and Windows. But shit happens. It is good too because I got out an older computer and cleaned it and upgraded the software and it is running very nicely. It cannot use any of my Adobe programs but that is OK. At least it can go online and work here on my WordPress site.

In the process I came across some stuff I was doing that needs to be followed through with. So, I will do it now.

Here are the two vinyl fanzines vol. 1 and 2 through “Flipside / Gasatanka.” Mighty amazing at the time for a growing punk scene. I am grateful to the bands. The contributions to our fan base were well received and the promotion did not hurt either.

Working with Al and Bill was fun and I never quite knew where the boat was sailing but we ran a tight ship and got to shore. Then got these records on the deck for distribution.

A time when bands, fanzines, records labels and others worked together without big heads but instead with a real love of the music we supported in so many ways.

I did the layouts for the inserts and helped where I could with the more in-depth recording and promotional aspects of getting these out. And to the other artists and executives … thank you too, you know who you are. Lots of hands in the Flipside cookie jar.

Al and Bill were a dynamic duo to work with and, as the third fanatic, we three did good for the love of a punk scene. You are welcome even Black Market Baby is welcomed, though I don’t know why?

Dick wad….

Bands on vol. 1

Dickies “Gigantor (Live Cleveland Agoura)”

Government Issue “Religious Ripoff”

The Freeze “No One Is Ever Coming Home”

White Flag “Question of Intelligence”

Kraut “Floating with an E String”

F “Attack”

Plain Wrap “Meat Between the Treads”

Flag of Democracy “Madhouse”

TSOL “Suppose They Gave A War’’

Adrenalin O.D. “Me Three Bunch”

Scream “Fight”

Undead “In Eighty-Four”

F.U.S “Warlords (Live on WERS FM Boston)”

Black Market Baby “Total Waste”

Psycho “Master Race’”

Gay Cowboys in Bondage “Domestic Battlefield”

Borscht “Suburbia”

Anti Scrunti Faction “Big Woman”

Charged GBH “Give Me Fire (Live at Perkins Palace Pasadena)”

Bands on vol. 2

MIA “Just A Dream”

Decry “Island Paradise”

Out Patients “Backwards Explosion”

Naked Raygun “Metastasis”

Roach Motel “Mad Dog”

JFA “Out of School (Live)”

Massacre Guys “Let’s Forget”

Vagina Dentata “Golden Boys”

Plain Wrap “Magnetic Shoes”

D.I. “Johnny’s Got A Problem”

Misfits “Attitude (LIVE)”

Necros “Walking the DOG”

C2D “Aggressive System”

Iconoclast “Dominion or Destruction”

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers “No Wordz”

Disorderly Conduct “How Old Are You”

Catatonics “Descending in “E””

Braille Party “Let It Burn”

Germs “Forming”

GKH “Dickermann”

Agent Orange “Shakin’ All Over”

Art above by Shawn Warcot below John Crawford.

Hudley Inserts…

Flipside Record Six

Anti Scrunti Faction were a queercore punk trio from Boulder, Colorado. 😄

It is amazing to think back and realize how regular mail correspondence through the US Postal service was the spine of the Punk Rock movement.  I can say I was a punk rock correspondent entrepreneur. This is how I met Leslie Mah and Tracie Thomas of A.S.F. During the punk scene of the 1980s, tapes and correspondence were part of our lives and I was taken by the gals of A.S.F., mostly because women were not a big staple of the scene we had grown to know. I made it happen and we put out their record. Women, punk rock, politics, sexuality, racism, and abounding creativity is the loud heartfelt sarcasm that emanates from this band. I remember making vegetarian spaghetti in our kitchen with Leslie. Taking Leslie and Tracie to the beach was a real treat. I got my first tattoos with the A.S.F. girls. A contrary experience for me because at the same time we were working with the bands Doggy Style and Detox. Some of my best memories of co-running a fanzine.  Leslie Mah and Tracie Thomas went on to have an interesting life creatively and I am happy for them. Look them up you may be surprised.

One can listen here…

(From the original Flipside CATALOG)

This is the debut LP by Boulder Colorado A.S.F.~Anti Scrunti Faction, a joint release by Flipside and Unclean Records. “Damsels in Distress” features the very colorful artwork of Leslie Mah, the band’s bass player and singer. Inside you’ll find 18 thought provoking tunes, a lot of which deal with a woman’s view of the punk rock scene as well as the world. – and it is no wonder -two women in this band. This critically acclaimed punk classic features these songs: “Boys will be Boys.” “Sugar and Spice,” Writhe like Worms,” “Big Dick,” Resist The lies,” “Marshall Law,” “War, War, War,” “One Crashed over The Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Brain Transplant,” “Ohpmyn,” “3005 E. Euclid,” “Suicide Note,” “Another Love Song,” “Silent Death,” “In My Heart,” “Innocent Victim,” “Johnny,” and ” Slave to My Estrogen ,” A.S.F. and their song, “Slave to My Estrogen,” is featured in Flipside Video 11.   

A.S.F. Interview Taken from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary issue. (Replica) Paperback

A note….

MIA is a Flipside Records Band too! After the Fact (LP, 1987, Flipside Records) and Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 2 (1985) includes “Just A Dream” 😸

Originally out on Flipside Records….

Flipside Record Five : Vicious Circle and Perdition the Australian Way.

I learned about, and how to say, the Australian term fair dinkum (Truly, honestly.) Also, to put mayonnaise and BBQ potato chips on a French bread sandwich as purely delicious. We silk-screened art projects in our garage, and I had fun being house mother. The super-duper days in the punk house at Flipside Fanzine central in good old Whittier California.

Flipside Record Five

This is a two-band compilation featuring two of Australia’s hardest hitting and most well-known bands: Vicious Circle and Perdition. Perdition comes off as a very infectious, almost British sounding punk band. They have compiled the best tracks off all their releases here, Fight songs here! “I’m Laughing,” “Just One Mistake,” “Degeneration,” “Progress Where,” “Big Problems,” “Nothing for You,” “Deserve to Die,” and “New Anarchy.” Vicious Circle grace the flipside with 11 fast paced hard hitting thrashing tunes. These are compiled from their Australian single release. “Search for the Solution,” and some songs recorded just for this project. Tracks include” “Epitaph,” “Supplied Demise,” “Distant Cry,” “Right Dub,” “Claws of Death,” “Corp Death Scheme,” and others. Comes with lyrics and information sheet.

Flipside Vinyl Fanzine 2 … I’ m Shakin’ All Over

Hey original John Crawford Artwork on the back cover. Revolutionary Fetus says

“Support Flipside Vinyl Fanzine # 2 or face a bleak and unlivable future.”

Hattie Jacques  plays Nanette Parry from film Make Mine Mink (1960).

Again, from the original Flipside “CATALOG.” As written at that place and time in history by yours truly. I don’t know why I excluded Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Number One, maybe at the time we ran out of them for sale. Yet I will include it later in my gathering of Intellectual Property … my journey to bring together what was lost on the internet wasteland. (If only symbolically)

A friendly gesture to remember what seems vague in my senior years. Thank you for indulging my fiery drive. As Emma Jung, wife of Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung, said and I paraphrase, “Sometimes a dame has got to do something for herself that no one else fucking understands, who cares cause she knows why she is doing it… for her own soul.” There now that feels better. I am just in the gathering phase. I call it Phase A.

Included below is some remarkable history about the process of creating this Vinyl Fanzine. Many hands in the cookie Jar. Heartfelt Thanks!!

Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Number Two with loads of bands.

“Chaz”, as he was known to most, was guitarist for Eddie and the Subtitles, a local punk band that was influential on younger Fullerton punks as the Adolescents and Social Distortion, both of which recorded their early demos and singles at Casbah and continued recording albums there as their popularity grew.

“I don’t think they shared musical tastes” stated Michael Hutchinson, producer for Billy Idol and Berlin, observing “I don’t know how excited Chaz was about Berlin – he was more excited about punk stuff.”

Yet there was an excitement that came from the blending of the two distinct cultures: one typified by Chaz and his cronies’ slacker ethos, the other by St. James and his commercial sensibilities and keen awareness of musical trends. After the success of Stacey Q’s Better Than Heaven, St. James deferred ownership of The Casbah to Ramirez.”

New Casbah Recording Studio

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 23130681_1741104865900643_7027948830468168218_n-2.jpg
Bill Bartell “We Got Power” Fanzine image.

R.I.P. Bill Bartell of White Flag

Flipside Record One

Our first attempt to put out a full-out album, A real under-ground sound to this album, with a band that has been around the LA scene for quite some time!!

Twelve punker tunes sung by good old Dan Forklift. Bass played by Steve (Human of the Vandals,) Tony Malone plays guitar (who featured in the movie “Girls just want to have fun,” he played the guy with green hair playing guitar on a table at some party, remember?) and now ex member Lantz Krantz (Boyfriend of Boom Boom of the Screaming Sirens) on drums.

Square dance to “No Reggae in Russia” and slam to “Shoot the Kid,” something for everyone. Oh, Oh , Oh…

No Reggae In Russia

Henderson St

Child For One

Radio Henri


Life On Cahuenga

Ick The Eem

Placidyl Polka (Eddie’s Drunk Again)

Soul Boat

I Hate The French

Seasons In The Sun

 Shoot The Kid

(says full album but is not) tease me babyyyy…