Flipside Video Two: Professional Punkz or Dennes Boon and Keith Morris go go dancing.

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Cover Design original Silk Screen by Gus Hudson or CAZ / Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine

We did all the editing in one office … usually a bed converted into a Flipside office. As so many projects started at Flipside, there were many hands in the FS cookie jar. Gus took a course at Rio Hondo College in Video production. In the City of Industry which was awfully close to us in Whittier CA. Pete had a video camera, and we bought a camera or two and the editing equipment. Designs were created for the video covers and prices for each video. All mail order cash only bases! It was hands on fun and a creative challenge. I want to thank all the bands, clubs and events that let us move freely throughout the environment. Roaming front stage, on stage, backstage and outside was thrilling and part of the job. We were Flipside busy bees.

Getting to a show early and leaving late took its toll on me. I had come to find punk rock now by way of promoting, negotiating and hard work. Recording shows was a job more than just having fun. Like cleaning up our equipment after a show. That was simply awful… I don’t want to go into it. Yet the key was at the time bands needed the promotion. Where else did they get it? Live videos, fanzines and records was it! Touring was the key as well!

We were mere behind-the-scenes punks who helped capture many of the touring and local shows, and knew all the players intimately … We developed on our creative style. shooting with three cameras live with split screens. I am amazed how well these Flipside Videos have held up; each video is a documentary punk rock experience. And for me that is what it was all about … experience baby.

Flipside Video Two

(From original CATALOG By Hudley Flipside)

(The particular Video YouTube copy I am using posted below has been eddied from the original CATALOG LINE UP and I have edited in the changes in my write up… yet I am sure there are many variances out there! My goal is to bring it all together as best I can.)

Now if you want to see the good old Video Monster in action you just got to catch this video! SO, if you get it, and if you put it in your VCR, you might just die, because opening Flipside Video number two is the band White Flag. Guttzy and pure, Pat Fear will knock your block off while he plays guitar for the opening theme song called “Flipside,” with backup singers, including some Redd Kross members and one Bangle member.

Remember the Vex shows, well here’s a real oldie featuring 7 Seconds on their second trip to L.A. They perform “Skins Brains & Guts” and “Out Of Touch,” such to the dismay of the pissed off bouncers.

A BIG Frank break… “Are You Bored Yet?” and Flipside Kitty kitty….

Minor Threat are captured here in a rare gig in L.A. They blast thru a live performance of “Stand Up and Be Counted,” and “Stepping Stone,” Then finish the video off with some fun time skating. Inspired by Rodney Mullen, who does one of his simple routines just for the Threat boys to watch.

Big Boys were too great to leave off this tape. But since only one song was usable, all you get is “Brick Wall.” Another rare performance. This time in the Vex small room.

Did you ever imagine being a professional punk? The Stretch Marks did and maybe are, cause that’s the song they perform at the Vex. Great!

Then the not to miss last show of the great and wonderful “100 Flowers.” At the Anti club, with Dennes Boon, and Keith Morris go go dancing. Lots of fun to watch and heart warming too! The songs performed are “California Falling,” and “Surfin’ with the Shaw.”


Then on to another Vex show with the Minutemen. With a 100 Flowers hit, “Ack Ack Ack.” And one of their own “Split Red.”

Then ANGST with Interview.

Live with the Dickies ends this video with their four faves songs, “Stuart,” “Manny, Moe and Jack,” “Gigantor, and “You Drive Me Ape.”

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