Flipside Video One

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Flipside Fanzine Catalog~ Videos, Fanzines and Records.

I put together a catalog for our customers. I reviewed all we had and came out with a little fanzine. I called it a “CAT A LOG” but that was in the 1980s.

Now, each day I will add one entry from the old catalog on my site. A little project of mine. I know all the Flipside Videos are all over the WWW. That is OK… I will bring them together.

I have a little story to tell you. At one time we saved all the video masters. Then in the 1990s Al Flipside gave them to staph worker Gary Indiana. He made copies and sold them. When punk rock cooled down, before punk nostalgia hit the punk scene, Gary lost interest. So, he called my sister who had my and my brother Gus’s phone number. Gary was trying to reach us to send us the original master tapes.  Al, Gus and I ran the business. Al and I owned the business. So, I asked her to send them to me.

I will take care of them. As I have all my Flipside stuff. Yet she always favored Gus. He got them. Then what happened next is Gus put them in someone else’s garage. A storm hit, flooded the garage and no more master tapes. It pisses me off. Yet that is the truth of the story.

Anyway, I feel a strange dissection with all the Flipside stuff all over the internet. So, in my own silly way, or my psyche needs a wholeness, I will try and gather and organize it all together again. The Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine documentation of a scene. As I have always done.

Flipside Video One

This video opens with Social Distortion, one of Orange county’s fave bands! With two songs “Under My Thumb” and “Atom Bomb.” Yes, you can see Mike sing and Brent play guitar along with Dennis (Dizzy) and see Derick hit the drums. All the boys in action before their drug days to follow. Good stuff here.

Next the Vandals live at “Devonshire Downs” with a couple of their best songs, “Anarchy Burger” and “Hocus Pocus.” Then mixed in all this is a live interview with the band thanks to Stella from “Stray Pop” KXLU. Loads of fun, Human at his funniest!  All the original members. Butts and beers.

Sin 34 takes a trip, wow, don’t you just want to go with them! Fame artist Dave Markey features his “Trip to San Francisco.” Special guests include “Flipper member” and “ET.” Catch Julie eat down a MacDonald hamburger and Dave watch the sunrise. A must!

Now what blows you away next is the big Black Flag live at “My Casita” in Torrance. Sweaty and best Henry rips with “I’ve heard it Before” and Dez sings “Louie, Louie.” If you love them now, you probably loved them then so, catch it where else can you?

Then on to RF7 performing a rare performance of “Vampire Lady.” All happening at Devonshire Downs.

Yes, MDC live at the Olympic (or the limp dick) plus an interview with them, mixed in with riot footage from the Mendiolas Ballroom police riot. Peace please.

Next the I Wanna Be Classified’s of punk rock, Descendants with the great, I mean fun song “Hey Hey at the “Mi Casita” (You guessed it the same show as Black Flag.) Then back to the studio with the DI boyz, I mean boyz jokes and all. So, you know what DI stands for? They before “Richie Hung Himself.”

And Next the sons “Code Blue” performed by the liar himself, Jack Greggor. Who of course was the original singer for TSOL. This all was happening at “Orange Coast College.”

“Wild In The Streets” and “Group Sex,” do you know that these two songs are Keith Morris’s fave songs ever? Well while the Circle Jerks play live at “Goleta Community Center” Keith sure sings those two songs like they were his faves! Enjoy… you know back in the days before “Golden Showers” …

Spin Magazine features them now, but back when they were begging for their first meal, I mean gig! Husker Du preform at “Mi Casita.” One of their first performance in L.A. and you can catch it… They rip through “Everything Falls Apart.” Also included is an interview with them at SST Records. WOW.

Did you ever think you would “Sink With California” till you fell into the sea? Well Youth Brigade must have thought they might! And they sing it live at “Mendiolas and Perkins.” At Olympic they sing “Violence.” Catch Youth Brigade when they were still young and youthful. Before they became, “The Brigade.” Before they became the “Old Farts Brigade” hey, Shawn have a beer on me.

  • End Tidbits: Mockery of Black Flag’s “Rise Above” with Sin 34 and We Got Power Fanzine crew…. end song was Flipside Band…with HUD on Saxophone..