Flipside Video Eight

Can’t believe these tapes are holding up as good as they did. A nice cameo of Al’s voice and Me on the beginning of this Video. For those who don’t know Al and I ran Los Flipside Fanzine together during 1979 to 1989. Along with many Flipside players. Pete Landswick, Gus Hudson especially who helped a great deal with the production of these original 11 Videos. Including Hard Dogs Night.

Keith Morris By Hudley From Punk Singers Gone Mad a Flopside Bubble Gum Comic.

Straight from the original Flipside CATALOG.

This video has nine good bands on it. Sooooo, we start out with those wild and crazy guys Doggy Style, with their infamous “Donut Shop Rock” which is from Flipside’s first conceptual video. Then we have live at Balboa Theater “Side By Side,” and “Denial.” All you guys will be happy to learn what Doggy Style really means, oh baby! Just ask the Boyz about the Greek Girl.

Then one of our fave bands with the man of Rock & Roll himself Don Wrap singing “All Fucked Up “and “Red Light Green Light.” At the beautiful Safari Sam’s and the smelly O Limp Dick. I miss this band, I love ‘em so will you, Ya I’m talking ‘bout Plain Wrap

And on to one of the longest living punk rock bands, the Circle Jerks with “Making The Bomb” at the Cornhusker and “Killing For Jesus” at the O limp Dick. Something to cherish.

Aggression…. with mini Interview. Then “Salty Leather” and “Money Machine.”

On to a hot Canadian band called the Asexuals, this band has SOOO much energy, they’ll burn your eyes out. You’ll want to dance all night long! Their premiere performance “Contra Rebel and “Circus” at Fenders.

Marginal Man the hottest band, DC Band too, since the Buzzcocks perform “Marginal Man,” “Tell Me” and “Turn The Table.” Lots of fun including all recorded at Steve’s (from Ink Disease Fanzine’s basement.) Have fun and sing along with ‘em as they sing “Waffle House.”

The Detonators perform two songs at the O limp Dick, “I’ve Got A Reason” and “Do You Understand.” Ready and go…

If you’ve heard about ‘em you just got to see them live at this show at a small 12XU show in Pomona. An honest interview included that just might surprise you, it did me! And the band’s name is Agnostic Front.

The End.