Over 40 years celebration, Rodney on the ROQ vinyl band compilation. Vol. 1-3

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Hudley Flipside

Maybe a cliché or fuck up, or glitch will be found… my burning tears… always found in an honest Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine project or on a vinyl record played too many times….

My celebration today…

A Hudley Flipside Editorial

Rodney on the ROQ vinyl band compilation. Vol. 1-3

Issue 21

Flipside Fanzine 21

December 1980        

Brooke Shields – Introduction  

Agent Orange – Bloodstains   

Adolescents – Amoeba

Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets      

U.X.A. – Tragedies     

Klan – Pushin’ Too Hard        

Black Flag – No Values

Rik L Rik – The Outback        

Crowd – Right Time    

David Microwave – I Don’t Want To Hold You       

The Nuns – Wild        

Fender Buddies – Furry Friend

Vidiots – Laurie’s Lament       

Simpletones – T.V. Love        

New York, Surprise! – Is That All There Is?

Issue 28

Flipside Fanzine 28

November 1981

Target 13 – Rodney on the ROQ

Social Distortion – 1945

Shattered Faith – Right Is Right

Black Flag – Rise Above

Minutemen – Search

Redd Kross – Burn Out

CH3 – You Lie

Agent Orange – Mr. Moto

Red Rockers – Dead Heroes

Unit 3 + Venus – B.O.Y.S.

The Stepmothers – Where Is the Dream

Gleaming Spires – Are You Ready For the Sex Girls

The Little Girls – The Earthquake Song

Levi and The Rockats- Ready to Rock

Twisted Roots – Snaked

Geza X – We Need More Power

Issue 35

Flipside Fanzine 35

November 1982

Kent State – Radio Moscow 

Ill Repute  – Clean Cut American Kid

J.F.A. – Preppy

Channel 3 – Seperate Peace

Catch 22 – Stop The Cycle

Pariah – Up To Us

Red Scare – Streetlife

No Crisis – She’s Into The Scene

Rudi – Crimson

Unit 3 with Venus – Pajama Party

Bangles – Bitchen Summer (Speedway)

Action Now – Try

Signals – Gotta Let Go

Gayle Welch – Day Of Age

Radio Music – Johnny Angel / New Dance

David Hines – Land Of 1,000 Dances

Rodney On The ROQ Volume One, Two and Three.

Rodney On The ROQ Volume One, Two and Three. (1980s)

Flipside Fanzine Inserts.

It is very embarrassing for me to reflect on the covers of these three compilations. “Young girls on the covers” was uncomfortable to me… but no one asked me how I felt!

Rodney is a pervert about young girls and I always really hated the covers!! That is what he wanted and Posh Boy let it happen.

As Flipside / Gasatanka Records & just Flipside Records 1980s, was created later all that icky young girl stuff left and I was proud of our / my work and accomplishments!! (as I was about the inserts)!

This is some honest punk rock history!

…. Hudley Flipside 🌸