Flipside Video Five “Remember It For What It Was.”

Roxanne’s, O Limp dick or O limp dick or O Limp Dick… and the Lhasa Club were three of the punk clubs where we recorded video live. I know you know I am speaking about the Olympic Auditorium above. A pet name that I guess was mine to give. This tape is a great blend of bands and personalities. Music was youthful and diversified by many themes and styles. People who became big wigs and others who faded away. Yet here it is as it was. Enjoy.

Below from original Flipside CATALOG, Contextually sound… with a side kick of really? Bands ended but as we all know reformed again… and are even coming out with new records now. What a treat. Not everything fades to black. Enjoy mini interviews with bands, skating shorts and bad Mr. Baboon Dooley.

Opens with the infamous cartoonist and rock critique John Crawford. Can you hear our VW Square back? Also, a zombie HUD, we had fun at our Second Flipside House.

In Whittier CA. (Year 1984 FLipside Radio KFJC hosted by Hudley Flipside.)

This video opens with a live gig at Roxanne’s in Arcadia with, Decry. They sing their “Falling” and “Warlords.” See Farel at his best. Short interview with Al Flipside. RIP Decry.

New York’s Heart Attack play live, and boy are they in a frenzy! One great band live energy, energy, energy!! “Man’s World” and “Brain Washed Heroes” and the tunes you’ll hear by these guys all recorded at the O Limp Dick. These guys sure have good hearts.

Drugs and fun with Redd Kross!! They have been around cause they play “We Are The Ones” and old Avenger’s song. And they do it in the way only they can. Live at Lhasa Club in Hollyweird.

And who could miss the U.K. SUBS perform “Stranglehold” and “Crash Course” and “You Give Me Disease.” Older but wiser, older but younger, the fun never ends or the truth! Catch it.

Basic Math at Roxanne’s

More peace punk with Conflict, “Back To Palace.”

Iconoclast Van Nuys.

The O Limp dick again brings us TSOL, with a few of my faves. “American Zone,” “In Time,” and “Suppose They Gave A War.” Which is featured on the Flipside Comp. #one. Some real feelings here.

Another night out at Roxanne’s with the good old Justice League and you can see a young band show their stuff, with two songs, “Something Else,” and “We Always Laugh.”

For all you hard/core fans we have Bad Religion. See them older and matured playing hits such as “New Leaf” and “Bad Religion.”

Vagina Dentata open next with “Work Till Your Dead.” Gerber and Pat Smear, we know Hollywooders shows. The new style wild baby wild.

Pariah a band that shows their lights every once in a while. Play “Striking Back”, Posh Boy could have done good with these boys if he would have played a fair game from the start!! Live at O Limp Dick.

We end this video with the SUBHUMANS cause we want to leave you with a questioning mind. Bye Bye. The song is “Black And White.”

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