Flipside Video Number Four Brit Boys Attacked By Brats

The fact that GBH is still around playing, and a solid punk band says it all. The proof is in the pudding! Their story is a great story. Here is a bit of their history and I am happy that we grasped it.

Shyane at eight wearing Mama’s old punk leather jacket given to her, from original Flipside Fanzine creator, X-8. He did not want his girlfriend to know he was two timing her with another gal who left her coat in his car, so he gave it to me…. I added the art, studs and GBH logo later.

Brit Boys Attacked By Brats

(Words From Original Flipside CATALOG)

Now if you go up to someone and ask them if they like GBH be careful to some people it’s like saying “fuck you,” to them. Or if you tell people you like them, they call you a sexist. But after seeing the video I think that you’ll understand that the members of GBH, Jock- guitar, Wilf- Drums, Ross- Bass and good old Colin the singer are guys to be loved and friendly with. The media can really screw things up sometimes. I say this video is one of my faves. (I will always love Charged GBH– Hudley)

This tape is all GBH, live footage and close personal interviews with the band. We also include fan interviews outside Perkins Palace. All footage is from mostly their first tours. Including San Diego and Las Vegas. Lots of fun for us and the band. I hope for you also. Included are:

Big Women, Alcohol, Needles and Pins, Hellhole, Drugs Party In 526, City Baby’s Revenge, Give Me Fire, Generals, Gun and Guitar, Forbidden Zone, Las Vegas Babies and the infamous Wild Thing.

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